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Some riders have always complained that the warning sound of the reversing radar is too small, and it is often difficult to hear clearly. I've always been disturbed by this. The buzzer was shifted yesterday.

The following is the detailed process of the job. I hope I can help you. Please also ask the great gods to guide the evaluation!

1. First of all, my idea is to find the main engine of the reversing radar and put the buzzer in front.

The main engine of the reversing radar is located at the left rear side of the rear trunk, which can be seen by opening the rear guard.

2. Unplug the wiring harness. There is a screw where the main box is fixed. You can remove it by unscrewing it.

Disassemble the main box. You can disassemble it by prying it with one word in the circle marked in the picture. It is easier to prying it with two tools at the same time.

When the motherboard is pulled out, it will be separated from the shell.

This is the separation.

Motherboard ~ ~ ~ I can't understand the English notes! ! ! !

3. Here comes the problem. . . .

I lack English knowledge and can't read English labels! Therefore, Du Niang did not find the answer! Judging from the motherboard, the buzzer is obviously external. Not on the motherboard. Look along the wire harness and students to make sure that the buzzer is in the interlayer between the trunk ceiling and plastic parts!

This is a big problem! It's time to remove the seat!

4. all right! ! ! ! There is no other way, so we have to do it. . .

The disassembly of the rear seat is divided into two parts, the seat stool and the backrest. The disassembly of the seat stool is relatively simple. In the leg of normal sitting position, lift it up forcibly, and it can be disassembled. After two buckles come down. Lift it slightly and then pull it back, and the stool will be removed. Notice here that there is a fuel pump and its wiring under the stool. Be careful not to step on it when you do your homework.

Pay attention to the fuel pump in the green circle, and the red line is its line!

5. Now begin to disassemble the backrest. There are two screws in the left and right corner of the backrest. After disassembling, remove the backrest.

The middle cup holder is put down, which is the square hole leading to the trunk.

There are two screws in the red circle, and the blue line part is a black protective buckle. You can only see the screws when you remove the black buckle, and then you can remove it by pulling it in the direction of the green arrow.

After all four screws are removed, the backrest can be removed. At this time, try to tow two people at the same time to lift it up, and the upper back is a hook.

6. After the backrest is removed, the rear panel cannot be removed, and the plastic decorative panel of the rear triangle window needs to be removed.

There are basically no screws in the plastic parts on the car, all of which are buckled by plastic buckles.

This kind of plastic is quite strong and won't be damaged easily. So don't be too careful when disassembling, you can't pull it out with too little force. Instead, be careful when you pretend!

On the way, the plastic parts under the C-pillar should also be removed, and the two pieces are buckled together.

Pay attention to what is in the blue circle when taking off the rear panel. It is a defogging device for the rear window.

In addition, I didn't take some photos. Let me describe them here.

The rear panel is connected with a high-position brake light, which is easy to remove, but it is a little difficult to remove the wiring harness. The best thing is to remove the fixing buckle of the wiring harness from the top of the trunk with needle-nosed pliers, so that the length of the wiring harness is increased and there is a certain space for operation.

7. The process is as follows: firstly, remove the buckle in the circle in the figure. When removing it, pry the vicinity of the buckle up with a long word. This requires skillful force and attention. It is winter, and some areas are cold, so the strength of plastic parts is different. It is brittle where it is too cold.

After disassembly, the buzzer is on it, and it is also two plastic fastening screws to be knocked down. The back row is actually designed with speakers! If there is demand, you can take the opportunity to reserve the opening!

High brake light!

Plug-ins of 3 wire harnesses, even here, can't tell which pin the buzzer is in the main box!

I stumbled across this! Located under the left rear taillight. Is it a high-profile model! ! Maybe it's a reversing image? ? There is one in the room. Follow the black line in the picture!

Red wiring

Don't turn off the stereo when reversing now! ! ! !

9. Find a better place to fix it.

You're done! ! ! !

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