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Benagli 502c refitted rear seat (Benagli 502c refitted rear seat lengthened)

Qianjiang Benagli 502C is a heavy-duty vehicle that made its debut at the Milan Auto Show in 2017. It is a new work of Benagli 500ml platform. It inherits the excellent power system, and is also endowed with a long towing distance and a more forward pedal position, explaining to consumers what a European sports cruise car is. The twin-brother appearance with Ducati XDiavel made it controversial at the beginning of its appearance, but it was also the most attractive place of this new car. Qianjiang Benagli 502C has launched two versions, the standard version and the high-profile version. The real shot model is Qianjiang Benagli 502C standard version, and the high-profile version side uses high-profile accessories such as Brannbo calipers and KYB shock absorbers.

Qianjiang Benagli 502C Price List

Model price 502C standard version 3.98502C high version 4.48 Aika car network watchmaking www.xcar.com.cn.

Qianjiang Benagli 502C appearance real shot:

Qianjiang Benagli 502C

As the first sports cruise vehicle owned by Qianjiang Benagli, the 502C has been endowed with a strong sporty and dynamic design, and the woven frame and streamlined fuel tank with visual impact are unforgettable. It is difficult to find a similar design except for the Diawell series in Ducati.

502C is built on a 500ml power platform, but its frame and suspension are obviously different from those of Lion cub and TRK502. Its length, width, height and wheelbase reach 2280 * 940 * 1140mm and 1590mm.

The 502C has not become thin because of its small displacement. On the contrary, it gives people a full and full feeling at every angle. There are many decorative boards on both sides of the car body, which is also a careful consideration in design, making the overall feeling of the vehicle better.

The officially declared "Skull" headlight uses LED light source, and the LED strips distributed on the edge of the headlight create an outline similar to the face shape when lit, and the low beam at the bottom is equipped with a lens with better light gathering effect.

The tail is very similar to Ducati XDiavel, and it also uses LED split taillights. The benelli logo in the middle is also a part of the light group, which is particularly unique when it is lit.

The fender extending from the rear rocker arm integrates a license plate frame and a rear turn signal, which is a scheme adopted to highlight the short tail design.

The welding point of the woven frame is slightly rough, and the anti-falling column equipped by the original factory can protect the water tank and oil tank.

The 502C adopts an inverted shock absorber with a diameter of 41mm, with a stroke of 125mm, and has no adjustment function. The adjustable KYB shock absorber is only mounted on the high-end version.

The stroke of the central single-tube shock absorber is 50mm, and the preload can be adjusted.

The front brakes are double 280mm brake discs with opposite 4-piston calipers, and the 502C comes standard with ABS.

The rear brake is a combination of 240mm brake disc and single piston caliper.

Although it is a cruise model, the 502C still uses a 17-inch wheel rim. The tire model provided by Pirelli is Angel ST, and the specifications are front 120/70 R17 and rear 160/60 R17.

Side-mounted double exhaust and metal shield provide more power for the vehicle.

Qianjiang Benagli 502C detail real shot:

The wide handlebars extend backward, and the driving posture and wide fuel tank of the cruise car provide drivers with comfortable driving posture and good visual experience, and the wiring harness layout around the handlebars is also relatively regular.

The front brake handle of 502C has four-stage adjustment.

The control buttons on the handlebar are conventional, but ABS and SET buttons are integrated on the left and right rearview mirror bases respectively.

A small color instrument is very delicate, surrounded by various color-coded warning lights. The instrument can read common information such as speed, speed, mileage, gear and so on.

The 21.5L super-large fuel tank gives it an endurance of easily over 300km, which is the second largest fuel tank capacity product in Benagli after Huanglong Cruise Edition.

The height of the seat of the 502C is 800mm, and the wide seat can provide better physical support for the driver, but there is not enough space for the passengers in the back seat, so this design is more suitable for single driver.

The forward pedal provides the driving posture of the cruise car, but due to the wheelbase, the legs will still be bent.

502C is equipped with a 44-tooth rear sprocket and adopts a 525 chain.

Both of them are 500cc platform models, and the 502C is equipped with the same water-cooled 8-valve DOHC inline twin-cylinder engine as the cubs and TRK502, with an actual displacement of 500cc. The maximum power is 35kW/8500rpm and the maximum torque is 45Nm/5000rpm.

There is a fairing under the engine, which also makes the body look fuller.

The rear rocker arm of the 502C steel pipe is very thick, and its two sides are designed asymmetrically.


Although the design of 502C is controversial, it is undeniable that it is an attractive product by virtue of its appearance, and the manufacturer has once again exerted the advantages of 500cc platform, bringing a mature and interesting work to consumers. At present, there are competing products with different models in the price range of 502C, and it is also the cruise vehicle with the largest displacement among the joint venture models. 502C is an attractive model for young consumers. It is recommended to buy a high-profile version between the two configurations. The difference of 5,000 yuan can be exchanged for Brembo calipers and KYB shock absorbers, which is still very cost-effective.

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