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How about the speed increase of Haojue Suzuki gsx250r (is it fast?)

Is Haujue Suzuki GSX250R heavy? How to choose Spring Breeze 250SR?

After the Spring Breeze 250SR went on the market, it injected a fresh blood into the entry-level imitation sports car. This performance is not how strong this car is, but its performance in all aspects is relatively in line with the demand of motorcycle friends for this entry-level model, but it is impossible for GSX250R, as an imitation running brother, to be easily rubbed by this car. Therefore, the choice between them should be explored and selected according to the demand.

First of all, let's take a look at whether the GSX250R is heavy or not. The curb weight of this car is 178kg, which is the smallest among the three brothers of Haojue Suzuki motorcycles. Compared with some models of the same level, it is not very heavy. For example, the curb weight of Kawasaki Ninja 250 is 174kg, but compared with the Chunfeng 250SR, it will be a little heavier, because the curb weight of Chunfeng 250SR remains at 165kg, while the weight of 13 kg is not very heavy.

The most direct influence of the car weight is that moving the car in the use process will be a bit cumbersome, which will have certain restrictions on the handling performance. However, it is completely normal for a civilian anti-sports car model to be a little heavier, which does not affect the choice of this car. Therefore, the knight shared that for these two models, the difference in kerb quality does not play a decisive role in the selection process, and it is more a numerical difference.

Let's look at the GSX250R power meat. This car is equipped with a two-cylinder water-cooled EFI engine. The actual displacement of this engine is 248ml, the maximum power is 18.4KW, and the maximum torque is 23.4N.m At first glance, the parameters are good, but it needs to be compared.

The Spring Breeze 250SR is equipped with a single-cylinder water-cooled EFI engine. The actual displacement of this engine is 249.2ml, the maximum power is 20.5KW, and the maximum torque is 22N.m Its power will obviously be more advantageous, so the speed of this car will be more radical. Its 100-kilometer acceleration will remain at 7.5 seconds, while the GSX250R will remain at 9.25 seconds.

However, while paying attention to this value, we should also pay attention to the torque output of the two models. According to the difference of parameters and actual power performance, the torque output of Spring Breeze 250SR will be inferior to that of GSX250R, especially in the aspect of low torque, so that GSX250R will have a slight advantage in the conventional state of walking, and it will be easier for beginners to get started.

In terms of handling, the gap between the two models is also very obvious. The Spring Breeze 250SR will be lighter and more flexible, which is directly related to the setting of the two models. The Spring Breeze 250SR is biased towards the setting of play performance, while the GSX250R is set in the state of walking. This is just like the gap between the Spring Breeze 250NK and the GW250, so it is normal for the handling performance to be inferior.

So how should these two models be chosen?

The reason why the Spring Breeze 250SR has a high degree of attention is that this car captures the psychological needs of the car-playing people. It needs beautiful face value, rich configuration, radical speed-up and smooth control, and it can be done at a lower price, so it meets the requirements of motorcycle friends for entry-level sports cars. Under such a premise, the disadvantages of GSX250R in performance and price are easy to be exposed, but GSX250R is a civilian model with quality as its selling point and performance as its auxiliary. It emphasizes a car experience, not a performance experience.

It can be seen that although these two models have the appearance of sports cars, their inner thoughts are completely different, so we should choose Spring Breeze 250SR if we want to have fun, but GSX250R if we want to ride with peace of mind. If we have to compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two models, then we have lost, because they can't be balanced, so the choice between them is simply demand.

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