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Benagli 150 price (Benagli 150 price and picture)

With the rapid development of scientific and technological strength, the motorcycle industry has improved significantly in recent years, and there are more and more large-displacement and multi-cylinder models. However, for pragmatic riders and novice riders, the control of large-displacement models is relatively difficult and expensive, so the author does not recommend them to choose.

So in the current motorcycle market, are there any models suitable for novice riders or pragmatic riders? It may be because of the low price and profit of small-displacement vehicles. In recent years, domestic motorcycle manufacturers have not carried out a lot of research and development for small-displacement vehicles, and fewer new models have been listed.

However, I saw the news that a new car came on the market today, and this new car is from the 2022 Xiaolong 150S owned by domestic Benagli, and now a newly upgraded model has been launched. It seems that Benagli intends to make a market in the small-displacement market.

Without further ado, let's look at the new car! Benagli's little Xunlong 150S shows its sports style from the body design, and the overall body design is angular and layered. And this time, the new car has adopted a brand-new sticker, which has a more outstanding sense of fighting. The headlight part has been upgraded, with a new style of split shape and integrated LED light source.

In the body design, Benagli finally abandoned the ancestral "lead pouring process", and the overall weight of the 2022 Benagli Xiaoxunlong 150S was only 145kg, and the proportion of front and rear counterweights was optimized, making it more flexible to handle and cope with the complicated urban commuting, and its performance was even better.

In the shock absorption part, the front wheel is inverted and reduced before, and then the middle spring is used for shock absorption. Coupled with the design of the vehicle, it is very in line with the aesthetics of young people at this stage. In addition, the instrument has also been upgraded, using full digital display LED liquid crystal design, information display is very comprehensive, and the clarity is also very high.

The power part is the biggest upgrade point of the 2022 Benagli Xiaoxunlong 150S, and in the official publicity label, it also emphasizes the characteristics of high performance, high speed, multi-valves and multi-spark plugs. In design, this engine adopts water-cooled single cylinder four-stroke design, and combined with EFI fuel supply system, the data performance is very good.

According to the official information, the maximum power of this car can explode at 9000 rpm, and the maximum torque is 12.5N·m at 7000 rpm. In addition, the speed data of 2022 Benagli Xiaolong 150S has also been officially released, which is 99 km/h..

On the body design, the dimensions, length, width and height of 2022 Benagli Xiaoxunlong 150S are 2020mm, 780mm and 1070mm respectively. In terms of endurance, it is equipped with a 10-liter fuel tank. Even if it has a fuel consumption of 3 liters per 100 kilometers, the cruising range can easily reach more than 300 kilometers.

In terms of braking, the front and rear wheels of this car adopt single disc brake discs, of which the specifications of the front disc brake disc reach 260mm, and the specifications of the rear disc brake disc are 220 mm. Together with the CBS front and rear linkage brake system, it can fully meet the braking needs of this car.

Additional vehicle parameter list:

Finally, what do you think of the price and performance of this new car launched by Benagli after Hongbaolong 150? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss with domestic riders!

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