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Benagli 150s Little Xunlong Oil Change Tutorial (How to Change Oil in Benagli Little Xunlong 150s)

Hello, everyone, today I bring you an entry-level sports small steel cannon streetcar, which has a sporty appearance and a sharp appearance. He is Benagli's Little Xunlong in the 1950s, and this car is still the most handsome streetcar in the 150-level.

Benagli Little Xunlong 150S has a sporty design style in appearance design, and its appearance is very aggressive. The front face adopts the mecha shape of bumblebee, combined with the separated LED headlights, which has a high appearance recognition, and the red bare frame highlights its sports characteristics.

In terms of power, Benagli Xiaoxunlong 150S is equipped with a 150ml single-cylinder water-cooled EFI engine, with a maximum power of 9.8kW and a maximum torque of 12.5nm. This engine is built with a brand-new bone marrow transplantation platform, with strong power and excellent performance, with a fuel consumption of 2.3l per 100km.

In terms of configuration, the small Xunlong 150S is also quite luxurious, with the light source of LED and the LCD instrument of LCD. Front and rear disc brakes with red sports brake calipers. Front inverted shock absorption, rear center multi-link shock absorption, and CBS brake linkage. The configuration is good, but there is no ABS.

Generally speaking, as a sports streetcar, Benagli Xiaoxunlong 150S is suitable for beginners, with sharp appearance and low fuel consumption.

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