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How much is the price of Saboban (how much is Saboban)

Fresh overseas new car information is coming!

Yesterday, Master Jiao released the price of the new GM Yukon in North America. Today, the starting price of the 2021 Chevrolet suburban is $52,995, equivalent to RMB371,000. This price is basically the same as the upcoming Tahoe price of $50295.

The data also shows that the new car will launch a variety of configuration models, including the RST with a price of $57,795 and $61,095, the Z71 with a price of $63,195, the original model with a price of $66,595 and the top highland country with a price of $73,595. In addition, each model with four-wheel drive function only needs $3,000.

The advantage of choosing the top version is that the standard 6.2-liter V8 engine can output 420 horsepower. The other models are 5.3-liter V8 engines, and the horsepower is reduced to 335. The transmission comes standard with a 10-speed automatic manual transmission. At present, there is no price and listing news of the 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel engine version, but the power is expected to reach 277 HP and 623 Nm.

GMC Yukon XL, which is similar to the suburban structure in its class, starts at $54,695, and the top version of the four-wheel drive McKinley Peak sells for $75,395.

Both the suburban 2021 and Lake Tahoe in the United States use the same latest platform, which also enables them to obtain the same rear axle multi-link and independent rear suspension. This change enhances the comfort of the whole vehicle, and also allows new cars to be equipped with electromagnetic air suspension to improve the ride comfort of the suspension.

In terms of size, the suburban area of the 2021 model is 33 mm longer than that of the previous generation, and the wheelbase is increased by 104 mm. After the rear seats are put down, the volume is 4097 liters, 19% more than the original. The legroom in the third row is 254 mm more.

The new models of Lake Tahoe and suburbs in the United States will be delivered in the middle of this year.

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