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Haojue Suzuki motorcycles gsx250-a (is the frame of Haojue Suzuki motorcycles gsx250A made of aluminum alloy?)

Model: haojue Suzuki motorcycles GSX250R-A

Guide price: 26680/ sports car

Engine: two cylinders and four strokes * water cooling.

Displacement: 250ml

Sitting height: 790 mm

Appearance design of sports beast

The exterior design of Haojue Suzuki GSX250R-A is like a sports beast. The streamlined body has a distinct outline, and the shape design of the oil tank fluctuates up and down, creating an explosive sense of muscle. The most beautiful headlight is like a giant pupil of a beast, with a unique and intense light sense, which seems to be looking for prey in the forest. All-digital negative LCD instrument has distinctive style and excellent visual effect. This car can wake up the hormones in men's hearts whether it is taking pictures on the street or riding on the road.

A relaxed and natural driving experience

Haojue Suzuki GSX250R-A is equipped with a two-cylinder four-stroke * water-cooled engine. The driving posture of the car body is designed naturally, and a split handlebar with moderate height is adopted to experience outstanding dynamic performance while maintaining comfort. Even a novice rider can drive the GSX250R-A with ease. No matter how to brake, change direction, accelerate and control the exhalation, you can easily find the interaction between people and cars. This car can make you experience the fun of riding at a low speed.

Locomotive configuration with surging performance

Haojue Suzuki GSX250R-A is equipped with a 248ml double-cylinder water-cooled engine, and its excellent power output is equipped with imported Internet relay tires. The maximum power is 18.4kW, the maximum torque is 23.4nm, and the cruising range is about 480km. On the braking system of anti-lock braking device, racing-class splash disc brakes are adopted, which can achieve efficient deceleration effect and prevent wheels from locking and slipping. The vehicle has an integrated fairing, and the aerodynamic principle can greatly reduce the drag coefficient. All-digital negative LCD instrument can easily identify screen information even under strong light.

Generally speaking, this Haujue Suzuki GSX250R-A can be regarded as an excellent product in domestic motorcycles in terms of design, performance and price. In addition, Haujue Suzuki's extraordinary training ability makes this car a dream for many men. Driving this sports beast on Yuan Ye, you can enjoy the adrenaline surge. Pay attention to me and take you to find the motorcycle that suits you best.

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