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Experience of using mobile broadband 100 meters (how about mobile broadband 100 meters)

In the Internet age, we have long been inseparable from the Internet. Nowadays, almost every household is connected with a network cable and broadband. If the network is suddenly disconnected, it is estimated that many people can't stand it. But when it comes to broadband, I don't know which broadband is connected at home, whether it is mobile, Unicom or telecommunications. So what about mobile broadband? What's the experience of using mobile broadband 100 meters and 200 meters?

First, how about mobile broadband?

China Mobile has been spat and reviled by netizens because of the high cost of mobile phone traffic, and its reputation is quite bad. Now that Mobile has launched free broadband delivery, it can always save some reputation, right? However, the reality is just the opposite. Although Mobile has gained a large number of broadband users in a short time, there are more and more spit and abuse voices on the Internet. The main reasons are as follows:

First, because the speed and stability of mobile broadband are really bad, it can't be compared with telecommunications. Many users have expressed regret after switching from telecom broadband to mobile broadband, and the network speed experience is very poor. The 100-megabit network speed is equivalent to 50-megabit telecom, which is even worse when it meets the peak of the network. It is almost stuck and will not move. Consulting customer service will only get a reply: normal, and there are more users currently using it. The biggest disadvantage of mobile broadband is that the more users use the network at the same time, the slower the network speed will be.

Second, because the broadband that seems to be free is actually full of "routines." According to users who have already applied for mobile broadband, although mobile provides broadband free of charge, it is actually conditional. It is required to use a designated mobile phone package, and the broadband grade is determined according to the package grade, and only the minimum 59 yuan/month package can be applied. In fact, it is equivalent to deducting broadband charges in another way, and the validity period of handling mobile free broadband is one or two years, and users can't cancel it before it expires, which means that mobile not only increases broadband users, but also binds mobile phone users to mobile. Even if the port number transfer technology is fully implemented, users can't transfer networks before the current operator's service expires. Mobile can kill two birds with one stone by retaining mobile phone users while gaining broadband users.

Second, the use of mobile broadband 100M and 200M experience

Since we are talking about mobile broadband, we will deeply feel the use effect of mobile broadband and talk about the use experience of mobile broadband 100M and 200M, so as to provide you with a more comprehensive judgment basis.

At present, mobile broadband is basically free, provided that you use the specified mobile phone package, as shown in the figure below.

Because mobile does not have its own broadband line, it is a leased wire line. Many people will wonder why it is so much cheaper to move the rented wires and lines, mainly because the wires are generally broadband to the home, while the mobile is to the building, although this situation has improved now. Due to the attenuation of optical fiber signal, or when many people are using it, the network speed will obviously slow down, resulting in the phenomenon of jamming.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the network speed of mobile broadband is still very fast during the non-busy period, and the measured 100M of mobile broadband can reach or approach 100 m. In the busy period, it may be less than 50M or even lower.

Besides, the experience of using 200M is definitely better than that of 100M, but the above problems also exist. If Mobile does not improve in this respect, I believe that the original user experience may become worse.

Well, generally speaking, the speed of mobile broadband is ok, and the price is relatively cheap, which can meet most of people's online needs, but the network is unstable and not suitable for playing large-scale online games or live broadcasts, and there is a certain amount of bundled consumption. It is more suitable for home use. Of course, if you have high requirements on network quality, you should think carefully when connecting broadband.

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