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Red Flag hs5 new 2023 price sports utility vehicle transaction price (Red Flag hs5 new 2023 price sports utility vehicle transaction price tram)

Text: Understand the original Gao Shuaipeng of Che Di

A few days ago, some configuration and price information of the new Red Flag HS5 were exposed on the Internet. In the price information section, the suspected price range of the new Red Flag HS5 exposed this time is 189,800-257,800 yuan. Compared with the 2022 models on sale, the entry version of the new Red Flag HS5 may increase by 6,000 yuan, and the top version may increase by 8,000 yuan, but the official information of the Red Flag will prevail in the end. According to the information disclosed by FAW Hongqi, the new Hongqi HS5 will be listed on May 21st.

Suspected price of the new red flag HS5 exposed on the Internet.

New Red Flag HS5 unveiled at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

First of all, from the car model setting, the suspected configuration information exposed on the Internet this time shows that the new Red Flag HS5 may continue to provide three configuration gradients: Qiyue, Qixiang and Qiling, and cancel "Zhilian" in the specific car model naming to join the professional. In terms of the number of optional cars, the new Red Flag HS5 may provide five models, which is 2 fewer than the 2022 models on sale, including 3 two-wheel drive and 2 four-wheel drive models.

The new Red Flag HS5 is expected to provide 6 body colors.

In terms of car body color, the new Red Flag HS5 may provide six car body colors, namely, Bamboo Moon Blue, Art Grey, Charming Night Black II, Platinum Light Gold, Alpine White and Brilliant Night Brown, which is one more than the number of optional colors in 2022, and all six colors are new colors.

New Red Flag HS5 or three interior color schemes and three interior trim panel styles can be selected.

In terms of interior color matching, the new Red Flag HS5 may provide three colors: black, pomegranate red/black and soft brown/black. Except that the entry version only provides black interior color matching, all three interior colors of other models are optional. At the same time, the new Red Flag HS5 may be equipped with three decorative styles, namely, laser real aluminum decorative board, satin real carbon fiber decorative board and gray real wood decorative board. Among them, the entry-level version of Qiyue and Zhongpei Qixiang cars are only equipped with laser real aluminum texture plaques, the flag collar two-wheel drive provides satin real carbon fiber texture plaques, and the top flag collar four-wheel drive is gray real wood texture plaques.

The new Red Flag HS5 interior unveiled at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show is suspected to be a top-of-the-line model.

Configuration differences of five models of new Red Flag HS5

In terms of configuration, all the standard equipment of the new Hongqi HS5 includes dual-zone air conditioning, front/rear LED light sets, front/rear parking radar, electric adjustment of front seats, reversing images, dual 12.3-inch conjoined screens, induction wipers and automatic headlights. Among them, the Chinese flag enjoys the approval of the two-wheel drive version, which adds panoramic sunroof, 12-way adjustment of the main driver's seat, 360-degree panoramic image, 12-speaker Bose sound, 253-color atmosphere lights and so on.

Enjoy the optional 12-speaker Bose sound with the Chinese flag.

The top flag enjoys the memory function of the front seat.

At the same time, compared with the two-wheel drive version, the four-wheel drive version in the new Red Flag HS5 has added a timely four-wheel drive system, a 20-inch rim and automatic switching of far and near light. In addition, the exclusive configuration of the top flag collar two-wheel drive version is front seat ventilation/heating, rear seat heating, steering wheel heating, head-up display, electric steering wheel adjustment, lane departure warning and so on. In addition, the four-wheel drive version with the top flag collar has a streaming media rearview mirror and an adjustable suspension.

The whole system is equipped with a 2.0T engine.

Equipped with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission

In terms of power, the new Hongqi HS5 is equipped with a 2.0T engine, but the maximum power is 185kW, which is a high-power version, which is 20kW higher than the 2.0T engine on the 2022 model. In terms of transmission system, the new Hongqi HS5 cancels the 6-speed automatic manual transmission matched with the 2022 model and replaces it with a new 8-speed automatic manual transmission. We will keep an eye on more information about the new Red Flag HS5.

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