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Fox timing belt replacement (how much does it cost to replace Fox timing belt)

Replacement method and mark position of timing belt of Ford Focus, Maverick, Carnival and Mazda equivalent engines.

Code of required professional timing tools

Disassembly steps:
1. Remove the peripheral parts of the timing belt and fix the engine with supporting tools if necessary.
2. Turn the crankshaft clockwise until the camshaft mark is at 11 o'clock.

3. Remove the bolt of the crankshaft positioning hole on the right side of the engine and screw in the crankshaft locking tool.

4. Turn the crankshaft clockwise again until it comes into contact with the locking tool.
5. Install the camshaft locking tool, and remove the crankshaft belt pulley and timing belt cover.
Note: The tool arrow is pointing upward.

6. Press the tensioner to the left, insert the tensioner locking tool into the locking hole, and remove the tensioner bolt to remove the tensioner.

7. Remove the timing belt and clean the timing system.
8. Install a new tensioner, and install the tensioner lug into the locating hole. Do not pull out the tensioner locking tool yet, and tighten the tensioner bolt with a tightening torque of 30 Nm.

9. Install the timing belt so that the arrow direction of the belt is consistent with the running direction of the engine.
10. Pull out the tightening wheel locking tool and tighten the belt.
11. Dismantle the camshaft locking tool and the crankshaft locking tool, install the crankshaft belt pulley, rotate the crankshaft twice and check the timing again. It should be easy to install the camshaft locking tool at the top dead center position of cylinder 1, otherwise, adjust the timing again.

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