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Jiangling pickup used car market (Jiangling pickup used car market price)

[Original of Truck House] For Isuzu, many card friends have a special feeling. In 1980s and 1990s, there were not many kinds of trucks on the road. At that time, a truck with the sign of "Isuzu" was often seen passing by, and many people were attracted by its appearance.

On July 23rd, 2020, Jiangxi Isuzu Wing Light Truck was successfully listed. Once listed, it has aroused widespread concern in the truck market. The reason is nothing more than its high cost performance and high quality.

● Good quality, strong performance and good reputation.

The brand of Jiangxi Isuzu has always had a very good reputation in the circle of card friends, and the reason why this brand has always stood firm is because of its exquisite materials and high reliability. In order to control the quality of the wing light truck from the source, Jiangxi Isuzu introduced the original production line of Isuzu in Japan, the latest iterative product design and manufacturing process, ensuring that Jiangxi Isuzu Wing Light Truck has the original quality and performance of Isuzu's new generation of extremely low frequency light trucks.

On the basis of the 2 million km reliability test of Japanese prototype, Jiangxi Isuzu Wing has carried out five vehicle reliability tests on 86 sample vehicles of Jiangxi Isuzu Wing Light Truck, including 45,000 km durability, 50,000 km high-speed steering, gear shifting cycle, figure-eight winding and stop-start. The cumulative test run is 850,000 km. After ensuring the reliability and durability of the whole vehicle, the vehicles will be mass-produced and put into the market.

Jiangxi Isuzu's quality control makes card friends feel more at ease in using cars. The result of high quality is high attendance and low maintenance rate, which is undoubtedly the point that card friends care most about. Dealers also know that only good quality and good reputation can lead to high sales.

Reliability is only a standard to test the performance of a truck, and high performance is also an essential quality of a good truck. Jiangxi Isuzu Wing-mounted ES is equipped with a brand-new 3.0T 4JJ1 high-efficiency diesel engine from Isuzu, Japan, with a maximum output of 170 HP. When the speed reaches 1800~2400RPM, the peak torque can reach 440N.m. For the blue brand light truck whose market position is urban distribution, the power performance of this engine has been very strong. In addition, the classic and durable JE493 engine continues to be mounted on wing-mounted models, and both engines meet the national six B emission standards.

The frame of Jiangxi Isuzu wing wing is made of high-strength steel with a pressure of over 700Mpa, and its mechanical properties are improved by about 80%, which not only ensures the lightweight of the car body, but also guarantees its bearing capacity. The volume of the loaded van container can reach up to 23.7 cubic meters, and its carrying capacity leads the products of the same class in all directions.

● Low life cycle cost and high residual value of used cars.

Another reason why card friends choose Isuzu Wing is that they must have taken a fancy to its high cost performance. Compared with other trucks, the residual value of used cars of Jiangxi Isuzu is almost 20%-30% higher than that of similar models. And the EC series of Jiangxi Isuzu Wing can be started with a minimum of 99,800.

After seeing the price list, some card friends may say that there are cheaper models to choose from in the light truck market, but when buying a car, fuel consumption and maintenance rate are also two indicators to be included in the cost list. After all, trucks are not disposable items. Only with low fuel consumption and high reliability can they create higher value for card friends in their later driving career.

It is obvious to all that the reliability and power of Jiangxi Isuzu Wing-mounted can still maintain a good performance in transportation even after three to five years, so it seems not so strange that the residual value of used cars is 20%-30% higher than that of similar models.

● Postscript

The high quality and high performance of Jiangxi Isuzu Wingfang is the most important guarantee for its good reputation in the light truck market. At the same time, whether it is wing-mounted ES or EC, the life cycle cost of these two models is very low, helping card friends to make more money and spend less money. And Jiangxi Isuzu Wing EC series cars are also very cost-effective in pricing.

At present, Wingfang ES and Wingfang EC have all arrived at the store. Card friends who need it may wish to consult local dealers for more information.

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