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Acura rdx2021 sedan (Acura rdx2020 car home)

When it comes to the most popular medium and large SUV in the American market, Acura RDX is definitely well deserved!

A few days ago, in order to further enhance the comprehensive strength of its products, Acura brought an RDX model with a mid-term change in overseas markets, with a price range of $41,300-$53,400. A total of eight models were launched to choose from. See here! I believe that the careful audience will notice that the price of it has increased compared with the old model, reaching 750 dollars.

Then, where is the difference between the mid-term modified model and the old model? Not much to say, you might as well look down!

Learn about new cars in one minute:

1. Only the details are adjusted.

2. Positioning medium and large SUVs

3.2.0T engine +10AT gearbox with maximum horsepower of 276Ps.

Judging from the official maps published on overseas websites, RDX still incorporates the latest family design elements. The front face adopts a "shield-shaped" air intake grille, and the interior can be blackened and chrome-plated according to your own hobbies. The former focuses on sports and the latter focuses on luxury. The two sides are equipped with irregular daytime running lights, and the internal light source is changed to an array structure. It is believed that the illumination range will be wider after the lights are lit.

The side of Acura RDX looks very harmonious, and the sharp waistline extends from the front fender to the rear of the car. With the blackened multi-frame wheels under it, the whole car highlights its youthful and sporty feeling, which is more in line with the appetite of contemporary young consumers.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the car are 4752/1926/1668mm and the wheelbase is 2750mm, which can only be said to be barely enough even compared with other models.

The rear of the car is still very simple, and the taillights echo with the headlights. In addition, the layout of double exhaust on both sides below is very in line with the aesthetic trend of young audiences.

Turning to the interior part, the center console adopts a simple and practical design layout and is outlined by a large number of straight lines. In addition, the floating touch screen, high-brightness LCD instrument panel and multi-function steering wheel are added to implement the fine tradition. It is worth mentioning that the central control screen is embedded with the interconnection function of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is enough to facilitate everyone's practical habits.

It is also unambiguous in terms of safety configuration. AcuraWatch driver assistance and safety system is standard in the whole system. The system includes lane keeping assistance and automatic emergency braking, which can effectively protect the safety of drivers.

In terms of power, the new Acura RDX will be equipped with a 2.0T VTEC turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 276Ps. The transmission system is matched with a 10-speed automatic manual transmission, and the high-profile models are also equipped with the SH-AWD four-wheel drive system that Acura family is proud of.

Unfortunately, all of the above happened in the American market. Due to the unsatisfactory sales of Guangzhou Automobile Acura's products, the official announced that it was about to withdraw from the domestic market, which means that the day when RDX said goodbye to us is not far away.

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