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Pure electric used car (price of pure electric used car)

As a practitioner in the second-hand car industry, I am an inspector in the second-hand car inspection agency.

I think that second-hand trams have a rejection reaction to the paint film tester. The exaggeration is a bit exaggerated, but it is also true that there are only a handful of test samples!

Lamborghini tested in a month is more than second-hand electric vehicles, perhaps it has not been recognized by the broad masses of the people. So in order to make everyone interested in second-hand electric vehicles, let's take a general inventory of the good and bad of electric vehicles I know at present.

Say the good news first.

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, less maintenance and fewer problems.

Including clutches, spark plugs, fuel pumps, intake and exhaust systems, etc., you can't see them in electric vehicles.

Is there anything to spit out? Of course, but we'll talk about it later.

First of all! I say something nice:

Buying a second-hand electric car means high cost performance.

Although the impact of the general shortage of chips continues, compared with the first half of the year, the delivery speed of various car companies has caught up with the demand for orders, and the price of second-hand electric vehicles is naturally no longer inflated.

The more used cars are supplied, the more involved car dealers are pouring in, and the market will inevitably go down. If you are not in a hurry to change cars this year, it is not bad to be a party, because battery technology is becoming more and more mature.

Speaking of batteries, does it have anything to do with battery life? Sure, there must be a direct relationship! Car companies say that the battery life is reliable, and car owners say it is outrageous. They are actually right.

After being fully charged, the actual mileage of most trams may be only 75%, 50% or even less of their nominal cruising range.

The calibrated endurance is obtained under a certain working condition, but as a small white car owner who just came into contact with the tram, he didn't think that he would fall off so quickly when he was flying on the expressway at 120 kilometers per hour in the northeast snowy day.

In addition, I have to say that the battery is aging. The main symptoms are excessive pressure difference, overheating and overcharge and overdischarge. Finally, the vehicle can't run normally, and the maintenance cost ranges from thousands to tens of thousands.

This problem is fundamentally different from that of a fuel car. For example, a 12-year-old black light Jetta has been kept in a dry garage, and it will be easy to catch fire when it is changed in 2022. In the eyes of electric vehicles, mileage and time are enemies, and the attenuation inside the battery is inevitable.

If it is convenient for daily commuting and charging, it is good to bear with the shortening of battery decay mileage, especially in areas where the temperature drops to below zero in winter. What is the result of 80% attenuation? Change the battery. It is not a dry battery for toys, but the capacity varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands according to different models. Of course, with the increasing possession, the battery cost will inevitably decrease, and it is generally replaced free of charge during the warranty period.

Let's talk about the charging efficiency. The old electric vehicles have not benefited from the latest technologies, such as 800V high-voltage fast charging and ultra-high-voltage fast charging in the future, so its charging speed will somewhat disappoint you. At the same time, the charging port will wear after long-term use of plugging and unplugging. The wear performance of the charging port is clearly informed in the instructions of various manufacturers. If there is a charging failure, please go to the 4S shop for maintenance in time.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the high voltage of electric vehicles is very dangerous for non-professionals. Although it does not need the maintenance frequency like that of fuel vehicles, it does not mean that it does not need maintenance at all. It cannot be ignored to regularly check the lines and the three electric systems in the store, and the oil and water can be replaced in time according to the advice of the master.

Conclusion: Any used car may have problems, but electric vehicles often have fewer problems than traditional fuel vehicles. The most noteworthy thing is the life of the battery, because it determines the cruising range, and it is really expensive to replace it at your own expense after the insurance. Therefore, my advice is to try to choose a quasi-new car with a short mileage, which can almost ignore the battery attenuation problem. Even if there is a little attenuation, the difference between a new car and a used car is enough to make up for it.

Ok, today's sharing is over here. The poor writing is because there is too little culture, so everyone leaves more comments to criticize and correct me.

I'm awei, the used car inspection technician of the car inspector. If you have a favorite car to be inspected or a car-related problem, maybe we can solve the problem for you. The car inspector is willing to be your friend who knows cars best!

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