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Haojue 250 Cruise Prince Motorcycle (Haojue 250 Cruise Prince Motorcycle American)

I am a title of generals in ancient times, a motorcycle critic, the founder and author of the eponymous company in the motorcycle field, welcome to pay attention!

Recently, there are rumors on the Internet that Haojue has applied for a patent for a medium-displacement cruise prince car, as shown in the figure.

There are only two drawings of the whole vehicle.

Looking at the design, it is highly similar to Kawasaki's Little Vulcan 650.

In fact, as early as 2017, at the Haojue dealer meeting, it was revealed that Haojue was preparing to launch a 250-ml Prince Cruise in the near future, as shown below.

In June, 2019, a title of generals in ancient times accidentally learned from a channel that the 250 ml displacement prince released by Haojue was not just talking about it, but had been in intensive research and development, and the appearance borrowed from the design of Little Vulcan. For this reason, the title of generals in ancient times also specially wrote an article to speculate.

Judging from the patent drawings disclosed by Haojue, it is confirmed that the guess of a title of generals in ancient times is correct, and the design is very similar to that of Little Vulcan 650.

At present, there is still controversy about the engine displacement of this car. Please note that the patent application time in the first picture is June 2019, and this time period happens to be the time when the title of generals in ancient times learned the news. Therefore, personally, Haojue is slightly more likely to adopt GW250 engine.

However, it is still uncertain whether to use Suzuki's GW250 engine directly or the DR300 engine improved by Haojue on the basis of this engine. After all, there are three years from 2017 to now, during which there are too many variables, and it is not certain whether the GW250 machine will be upgraded to DR300.

So when will the listing time be?

Personally, I think it may not drag on for two or three years like DR300. After all, DR300 is Haojue's first large-displacement vehicle. Before that, the manufacturing field of Haojue's vehicles with a displacement of more than 250 was completely blank, and there were many things that I didn't understand. With the experience of DR300, I believe that the research and development of TR250 will take fewer detours. Personally, it may be in the second half of 2021 or at the latest.

It's hard to guess the pricing now, but Haojue must also know the situation after the DR300 goes on the market. Domestic water-cooled two-cylinder crown prince cars with the same displacement level are generally around 20,000, and the price of Benda's Jinjila 300 is only 23,800. Haojue's pricing should give due consideration to the pricing of its competitors.

Ok, that's all. Welcome readers to leave messages in the comment area to communicate with the title of generals in ancient times!

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