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Mondeo winning failed to detect the key (Mondeo winning failed to detect the key)

Hello, everyone! The car inspector met with you again. I'm GTwang, the most "heavy" inspector of car inspectors. Welcome to watch this interesting story about used car inspection. I'm a used car inspector who has repaired cars, and I'm also an accident car dissuader.

"What car should I buy in the range of 200,000-300,000 yuan" is probably a hot issue that car buyers are facing now. I am often asked this question by name. About 200,000 yuan is a mid-level car, which seems to be a good choice, such as Camry, Accord or Magotan. However, due to the price war between luxury cars, the choice has become confusing.

We divide the cars within this range into three camps, which are also very representative of the three categories of car companies in the world.

Japanese: Camry, Accord. American Department: Mondeo, LaCrosse. German: Magotan and Passat, these cars can basically cover the options of 80% consumers in this price range. If I recommend it, I don't have to think it must be Camry. As a Japanese blowhard, I still have to firmly support my beliefs ~

And seven years ago, you asked me to choose the most versatile of these cars in all fairness. I may really have to think about it. What is omnipotent? My understanding is that it should perform well enough in all aspects. Is it fast enough? Don't talk about more than 200 thousand cars if they exceed 9 seconds. Is it big enough? If you don't have room for two or three punches in the back leg, go and get soy sauce. Is it technological enough? Direct injection engine, dual clutch gearbox, automatic parking and parallel auxiliary. If you don't have one, wash and sleep. You can't be too expensive with all these, but 200,000-300,000 is about the same, so there are really few choices, and Passat and Mondeo must be among them.

Today, let's talk about the all-powerful king in a B-class car of that year. After driving for 7 years, what is its maintenance rate and car condition?

The customer's eldest brother couldn't get to the scene in time because of something temporary today. After communicating with the seller, he asked me to test it first, calculate the time, and was awakened by my dream at 5 am and went to Beijing West Railway Station ~

Let's start our test story today!

Model: 2011 Mondeo-Zhisheng 2.0L GTDi240 luxury sports navigation version

Guide price of new car: 241,800 yuan

Table kilometers: 104,899 kilometers

Date of production: March 2011

Seller's quotation: 70,000

The tested vehicle was parked in front of a second-hand car shop. The seller said that the key would be delivered later. While there was no sun in the morning, I took the time to start the paint inspection. I walked around the vehicle and found that there were defects left by touch-up paint on the front and rear bumpers, and the installation was not in place.

The paint value of the left front fender is very high, which belongs to the category of serious sheet metal, while the value of the left rear fender is 676um, which is also sheet metal. Give me a scare at the beginning of the test. I started to have a bad feeling and then looked down.

On the right side of the vehicle, the right rear fender, the right rear door, the right front door and the right front fender have been repaired with a large area of sheet metal. It feels that the right side should not be hit, but more like being rubbed against the wall. You can imagine the scene that the original owner was drunk and rubbed against the wall with fire that day. . .

I'm sweating all over after the appearance paint inspection. Oh, it's not sweating ~ ~ ~

At this time, the seller sent the key over and began to inspect the engine compartment. There was a large area of sheet metal on the paint surface, so I first carefully observed the surrounding panels and found that the headlights had disassembly marks, because the headlights would hinder the disassembly of the front bumper, so this did not affect anything, just ordinary disassembly instead of replacement. The water tank cold detector had no disassembly marks and other panels were in good condition. It seems that there was no serious accident at the front, and I was a little relieved.

Check the left and right dragon skeletons, there is nothing unusual, and there is nothing wrong with the inside of the left rear fender. Looking up along the dragon skeleton, there are traces of disassembly on the left and right shock absorbers. According to the age, it should be a normal replacement.

The skeleton of the car body is not hurt, but there are large areas of sheet metal on both sides of the car body. Seeing this, I have the inference that sparks and lightning are all the way ~

No trace of oil leakage from the valve cover was found when the engine was inspected, but the oil leakage from the booster oil pot was serious. Then take out the testing equipment to test the quality of the oil. The brake oil needs to be replaced because of its high water content, and the battery has died. It is estimated that the battery has not been replaced since the car was bought. Hehe ~ These are the places that need to be prepared after starting. It seems that an extra-large health care is indispensable.

With the progress of testing, the number of sellers gradually increased to 8 ~ watching me test like a live broadcast, regardless of the number of people, I continued my testing, plugged in the OBD plug to test the interior, but there was nothing wrong with the interior except serious wear. The wear of the auxiliary seat is equivalent to that of the main seat. Looking at the kilometers of the dashboard, I laughed.

After testing the functionality after hitting the car, the first feeling was that the idling vibration was obvious. The engine fault light on the instrument was abnormal and the oil pressure light was on. At this time, the seller came over and saw the fault codes on my OBD detector, saying, "There were no fault lights yesterday, so why did you all light them up when you tested them?" Then several people who looked very social gathered around and said, What's the matter? Did you break the car?

The baby had never seen anything before, and he didn't panic at all. After taking photos, he unplugged the OBD plug, and a set of operations ran smoothly, explaining: "Occasional failure is not a big problem."

Several people really believed me and asked me what problems I found in the test. I said that the car was in good condition, but it was normal with a little flaw. Then I hung up the reverse gear and found that there was no reverse image. The scene was once extremely embarrassing. . .

The test still needs to be carried out. After the static test is completed, only the road test and shelving are left. I ran to the side to inform the customer's eldest brother, and the customer said that he would arrive soon. We will carry out the road test and shelving together later.

When I hung up the phone and packed my tools, the seller's eldest brother came over and said, "Little brother, it's been a long time to send you a red envelope." I refused to engage in this thing with an experienced testing technician, but the seller still refused to give up and insisted on giving me a reward. Of course, I knew the stakes and kept shaking my head. Seeing me stick to it, he gave up.

The rest of the time was awkward, but fortunately, we didn't wait long. As soon as the customer's eldest brother arrived, we immediately went to the shelves, and the road test was completed in the process of putting them on the shelves.

This generation of Mondeo also used the powertrain of TSI+DSG, which had a great impact on the dominance of Volkswagen in this field at that time, although the dual clutches of these two companies were not so good after a few years ~ ~ However, Ford's dual clutches still had less negative news. After all, the whole system was wet, but there were occasional cases of breaking gears.

Ford EcoBoost engine +PowerShift dual clutch is still remarkable. In 11 years, the 2.0T machine can explode 240 horsepower. The feeling of the road test is also very smooth, and the overall working condition is quite OK, which is a bit out of my expectation. The turbine lag is obvious, the direction is slightly left, the noise is slightly loud, and everything else is normal. The fault code of the engine before should be caused by the oxygen sensor. If you start, it is recommended to go to the 4S shop for overhaul.

Because of the remoteness of the place, I found a trench nearby and tested the chassis. Fat Wang didn't drill less when he repaired the car, but this time. . . Why do you look at it and think of the notes of grave robbery?

This gutter feels just right to lie in. Am I going to be arranged?

Chassis inspection found that the left front cage sleeve leaked oil and the right inner cage leaked oil, both of which were caused by serious aging. The engine oil pan showed signs of disassembly. It should be that the oil leakage was serious at that time, and the cushion was replaced, but now it is leaking again. The bent oil seal also has traces of oil leakage.

Let's just say that all the places I can see on the chassis, the oil leaking points, are basically spared. The whole chassis is oily, and the former owner may want to get rid of the car for these reasons.

After the test, I gave the customer a detailed feedback on the whole vehicle, and I talked for five minutes at a time. . .

Although the appearance of this car has been repaired in a large area, no major accidents have occurred, and the repair process is really good, and there is no obvious color difference. However, there are too many places that need to be prepared for the engine compartment and chassis, and all kinds of minor problems are annoying. My conservative estimation is that it is indispensable to deal with all these problems well, and there is no guarantee that there will be no problems in the future.

Bottom line: the original owner of this car basically belongs to the kind that only drives, and it often crashes. . . It's up to you to keep the machine in such good working condition now. . The client's eldest brother thought about it and said that he would go back and think about it before making a decision, so the two of us slipped away first.

This Mondeo is quoted at 70,000 yuan, which is a normal market price. Let's take a loOK at the price of Camry in the same year. The 240G luxury version I circled was originally similar to this winning 2.0L GTDi240 luxury sports navigation version. After 7 years and 120,000 kilometers, it can still be sold for 123,000 yuan. And I bet that this car is definitely ok without any serious accidents, and it is also in maintenance and later use.

Therefore, when choosing a new car, it is better to refer to their hedge ratio in the market before making a decision. Of course, local tyrants should not neglect it ~

Finally, after talking about the car for so long, the essence of fat man's daily blowing is still exposed ~ ~ ~

Please speak freely in the comment area about the maintenance rate or use of each car. If you have any questions, you can leave a message. I will basically reply to each one, Didi Didi!

Ok, that's all for today's testing sharing. I'm GTwang, a used car testing technician from the car inspector. If you have any questions about your favorite car that need to be tested or used cars, please search WeChat "Car Inspector". Maybe I can solve the problem for you. The car inspector is willing to be your friend who knows the car best!

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Like it, like it, and spray it if you don't like it. I repair cars more, read less, and write badly, so everyone will bear with me. If you are as optimistic about the future of the used car industry as we are, or you also want to have an housekeeping skill, then you can pay attention to us! You can also learn from the teacher ~

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