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Is Euler Good Cat an electric car (is Euler Good Cat a pure electric car-)

At the Guangzhou regional listing conference, the price of the 2023 Euler Good Cat was officially announced. This time, five models were launched, with the price range of 129,800-165,800 yuan, and the official limited-time discount of 22,000 yuan was enjoyed. Euler Good Cat is an impressive model. Besides its lovely design, the original quality of the car is also quite high, which left a good impression on the editor in the past test drive.

Excellent comprehensive product strength made Good Cat get good sales results after listing, but Euler didn't stop and launched the 2023 Euler Good Cat. Compared with the 2022 model, the 2023 Euler Good Cat has improved in some unseen places while continuing its past advantages. This time, we will take the opportunity of Guangzhou Station of the 2023 Euler Good Cat National Regional Listing Conference to experience the Euler Good Cat again. After further optimization, what kind of product performance will Euler Good Cat have?

The design is full of affinity.

The 2023 Euler Good Cat continues the classic design of Good Cat. The simple and smooth lines give it a special affinity and a comfortable first impression. The front face uses a closed mesh design, and the front cover is integrated with the body lines, which is concise and can better cooperate with other design elements.

Headlights are undoubtedly the crowning touch of the front face. The circular main body is well matched with the car body lines, and the interior details of the headlights are also rich. The outer ring is used as an LED daytime running light, and the two groups of lenses are two "cat eyes" with gods, which adds more spirituality to the appearance of a good cat.

There is no redundant design on the side, and the smooth body lines look more stretched. Through the matching of five-frame wheels and rear spoiler, more sports atmosphere is created.

The tail has always been a characteristic design of a good cat, and the main body echoes the front face. Simplicity is still the key word of the tail. The taillights are innovatively integrated into the rear window, showing a penetrating design after lighting, and now it still seems to have a high degree of recognition.

Retro and technological sense are the main themes of the interior.

The interior of the 2023 Euler Good Cat has not been greatly changed, and the design concept of combining retro and technology has been continued, and the materials used have been optimized to enhance the texture of the interior.

The details still reflect a good sense of design, especially the retro physical buttons in the middle, which are excellent in design and touch. This group of buttons keeps the common buttons of air conditioner, which is rainy when the test drive happens, so it can operate the air conditioning system more effectively and improve driving safety.

The space in front of the armrest box is also used. The two cup holders and the cell phone slot are quite practical, and the location is enough to accommodate the lady's bag, which is a practical design for female users.

In addition, the armrest box is also equipped with 50W wireless charging, and the charging speed is still very fast after actual experience, which largely eliminates the anxiety caused by charging. The 2023 Euler Good Cat also added V2L external discharge function to provide effective power supply for friends who like camping and outdoor activities, but this is not a standard configuration, and all models need to spend 2999 yuan to choose.

The ability of dynamic driving to emphasize comfort and silence is improved.

The 2023 Euler Good Cat is mainly used to improve NVH, and its main mechanical parameters are basically the same as in the past. The Good Cat is equipped with a front motor with a maximum power of 105kW and a maximum torque of 210 N m. The actual driving is also relatively close to the people, and the design of the hood is also in line with the general usage habits, and it is basically possible to drive smoothly without adaptation. The adjustment of the switch is as smooth as before, and the initial power release is even and smooth, and there will be no sudden output. This adjustment method is very suitable for stop-and-go urban road conditions, which can not only reduce the burden on drivers, but also prevent passengers from feeling uncomfortable. There is no need to worry about absolute power. When overtaking and other power requests, you only need to step on the switch a little deeply to get enough acceleration ability, and overtaking under the legal speed limit is relatively easy. Of course, this kind of relaxation does not make you go fast. A good cat still pursues a comfortable and comfortable driving experience, rather than the power release from boxing to meat.

The performance of the chassis is as excellent as in the past. When walking on the national highway, you can obviously feel the efforts in vibration control. First of all, the rigidity of the frame is good, and there are not too many aftershocks caused by the vibration of the road surface, which gives you a good sense of stability. At the same time, the shock absorption and adjustment are also full of toughness, and the relatively soft suspension filters out most of the road vibration, which can present the chassis performance of a higher-level model. In terms of handling, it is also easy. In normal mode, the direction assistance is very gentle, and it can be turned easily. The compact body also makes the front of the car flexible. Although the limit is not high, it gives a good tolerance, and the driver can better perceive the dynamics of the vehicle, and the sense of stability in the whole driving process is still quite sufficient.

The improvement in mute is indeed obvious. The official particularly emphasizes the efforts in mute, and can also experience the difference from the old model during the test drive. First of all, Michelin tires are selected for test drive, which can effectively reduce road noise and provide excellent grip. It is recommended to select them if the budget is sufficient. Because the shape itself is relatively smooth, the wind noise during high-speed driving is also controlled at a low level, and the sense of body is quieter than in the past, even in rainy days, there is no noise that is unacceptable to the members in the car. Generally speaking, the 2023 Euler Good Cat has indeed become quieter, which has a direct improvement on comfort and is also a plus item for the new good cat.


While continuing the advantages of the old model, the 2023 Euler Good Cat has also made many targeted improvements, which is not unrelated to Euler's active absorption of opinions from consumers. In various upgrades of the 2023 Euler, many opinions from users have been adopted. From the product point of view, Euler has a clear positioning in appearance design and mechanical performance, and its affinity is not only reflected in appearance and interior design, but also in mechanical training. I believe this is also an important factor for Euler's good cat to gain consumer recognition, especially female consumers' recognition.

In addition to the product strength is still guaranteed, the pricing of the 2023 Euler Good Cat is quite sincere, especially under the current official discount, the entry model only needs 107,800 yuan, which is really an attractive price. Moreover, Euler Good Cat also provides numerous personalized options, which can not only choose different body colors, but also choose different configurations according to their own needs, and the freedom of car purchase is high enough. Looking at the same class of vehicles, there are actually not many vehicles with similar positioning to Euler products. According to the performance of comprehensive product strength, if you want a new energy scooter that looks good and is comfortable to drive, then Euler Good Cat is still a vehicle worthy of priority in this price range.

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