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Pickup used car price collection (Pickup used car price collection diesel four-wheel drive)

The protagonist in this issue has a sense of the times, not that it is a very old model, but that its temperament can make people travel back to the last century ...

Shaped like a jeep gladiator; Non-loaded body; Have part-time 4wd system; Going up the mountain and down the river is not awkward; Can sit 5 people and pull goods; The key point is that the price of the new car was only in the early 70,000 s at that time ... Speaking of this, some readers may guess that it is BJ212, which is only half right, and it will not be sold. It is a derivative model of BJ212-Beijing Automobile Factory-Zhanqi pickup truck.

Compared with 212, the banner pickup truck is more niche, not because it is not good enough, but because it is too pure, and some cities have restrictions on it.

It can be said to be a luxury in today's view, because there are more and more utilitarian car companies, but there is nothing wrong with it. Their products make driving more comfortable, make off-road easier, and at the same time make users' hands-on ability and driving skills degenerate. The original factory is in good condition, and it can drive well without modification and high driving skills. Why not?

Whether BJ212 series or battle flag series, they may be just the memory of a generation. We can't give a clear answer whether it is good or not, but in its birth and age, they are indeed a good model and a dream car for many people in that year.

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