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Is Ford's imported mustang a medium gauge or an American gauge (Ford's imported mustang)

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Creative position statement:

The car I evaluated in this article was bought by my friends at my own expense. I feel a lot after the experience, so I will share it with you at the first time, and welcome the exchange and collision of rational views.

Hey, guys.


Hello, everyone, I'm still that

Thief and stingy Yang Yang


keyboard warrior

The Ford Mustang, the most commented model, can definitely rank first.

Especially here.


This model was once given

wild ass

Title of

I have been thinking about this problem, and the common family car engines are mainly 1.5T and 2.0T

This 2.3-ton engine sheet is better than many street cars on the road in terms of displacement.

Why can't you call it a wild horse, just a wild donkey?

So with this question, I got a 2.3-ton mustang. ...

As for the model sister in this issue, she is the primary school sister of my Academy of Fine Arts. Let's call her Xiaomei for the time being.

In fact, I don't usually contact Xiaomei, because after all, I am almost six years older than her.

There is a generation gap, you know.

Fortunately, Xiaomei doesn't care about these. This time I said it and asked her to make a guest appearance for me.

She will go to the appointment soon.

"Yangyang Yang, your car is so low, it's too difficult to get on. Don't look at me, I'm too easy to get naked in a skirt today."

Xiaomei began to spit out this car when she got on the bus; I can't help but feel a little embarrassed. It's true that the clearance between wild horses and the ground is not high, which is about 15 cm, which is really lower than that of common family cars, and so on? Gone? I seem to understand something. ...

Ahem, in fact, from the perspective of the car, the chassis will feel lower.

Let's put it this way: when driving at night, other people's low beam is your high beam (my height of 190 is really like this)

The high beam of others is the morning before your eyes.

This is no joke, because the chassis is low, the normal lighting height of other models is too high for Mustang drivers!

In fact, it's quite awkward to read Mustang since it can't be called Ford Mustang.

But it doesn't matter. Let's keep talking about this car.

Mustang is very attractive to most young people, and Xiaomei likes it very much.

But I don't think it's a surprise, because I found that all the items labeled as "not practical" are very popular among girls.

Value friends who have read Q2L's article should have a deep feeling ~

And Mustang, historically speaking, also

Not for practical purposes.



United States of America

For practical use, the model must be

Pickup truck

Mustang is in charge of handsome.

Right, just be handsome ~

Ok, I won't talk about it. In fact, Mustang's original goal is:

Create a small sports car that young people can afford.

Focus! Friends!

Affordable! Sports car!

Listen to me slowly analyze these keywords.

Careful friends should have discovered that this car is a 2.3T version of the 2018 model.

Speaking of the Mustang rules and American rules, I want to say a few more words.

In the Mustang configuration of the Chinese gauge, how many streets are really hanging in the US gauge?

Mustang in the middle gauge, the rearview mirror will be slightly larger and have the function of heating.

The Mustang wheel hub of the Chinese gauge is 19 inches, and the wheel hub of the American gauge is 18 inches.

The Mustang in the middle gauge is decorated with many leather materials.

The American regulations are all fabrics, and this one in the picture is the seat cover changed by the owner.

Full LCD instrument panel, automatic air conditioning, seat heating, seat ventilation,

The 8-inch screen and the extremely handsome cockpit buttons are not available in the US regulations.

Besides, Mustang, the American standard, also works. ...

Oh ~ yes.

As a sports car, is it necessary to listen to music while driving?

The Mustang12 Shaker speakers in the Chinese standard will become 6 ordinary speakers when they arrive in the American standard. ...

in conclusion

If you want to buy Mustang, try to choose the rules! Try to choose the rules! Try to choose the rules!

Return to what I just said: a small sports car that young people can afford.

The word "burden" is very important. Under the European and domestic emission standards of 5.0 machinery, it can be said that it is gradually drifting away from us.

If you really want to buy a 5.0V8 Mustang, how much is the annual travel tax?

Those days in the super-congested city of Hohhot

Mustang's fuel consumption is about 8-10.

Isn't it a little unexpected?

Anyway, I was quite surprised.

And this car

Small maintenance is about 1000.

One year's insurance is about 7000.

It won't add too much to your burden of really owning a sports car.

Do the math

Maintenance cost

You will find that the cost of maintaining a car is similar to that of a normal joint venture brand car

No wonder I have a little friend who just joined the work around me, and the family gives it to me.

400 thousand

I was going to buy an Audi A6L.

As a result, the couple turned around, hey, they brought a Mustang mustang.

Relatively low maintenance cost

It is in line with the original intention of this car to drive a car with such a cool appearance.

"A small sports car that young people can afford"


Mustang is also a common model.

Many people say that the 2.3T Masitang is a wild donkey.

The 5.0V8 Masitang is the real wild horse.

I think,

That's not true

Actually, the driving power of 2.3T is really good.

Although the matched 10AT gearbox is a bit heel-less, it is smooth as a whole.

As a sports car

It sounds only 2.3T, but it has 309 horsepower, and it only takes 5.4 seconds for zero hundred.

Still very powerful.

Oh, by the way, the taillights of 18 models began to bend, which is a small way to distinguish between the old and new models.

Front daytime running lights echoing taillights

The vents on Mustang's front hood are quite handsome.

As I said just now, the Mustang rearview mirror is very strange, and the view is very poor.

So when you see wild horses on the road, you can make way because there is a big butt in the rearview mirror blocking your view.

This is the price of handsome body lines.

After driving this car, I found that Mustang is not my cup of tea.

Because it's too comfortable.

The original factory exhaust sound is not "manic"

The suspension is as soft as an ordinary car.

The steering wheel also has a certain empty position, and it is not flexible to drive because of the number of full laps.

Often stop-and-go car environment in the urban area, it didn't give me a chance to experience the GT style galloping on the highway.

However, it is understandable that most people can't stand hanging too hard.

The comfort changes made by the new Mustang for the market are still very successful in terms of sales volume.

Now it is

In 2021

If you start with one

18 mustangs

If there is no channel, you probably need it.

300 thousand

About, if you really have one.

Sports car dream

In that case, I think

Get one while you're young

It's worth having fun, but it's not necessary if you only use the car. After all, the back of the car is the decoration. ...

Is it worth it?

For me,

Not worth it.

If it were me, at this price, I would probably buy it.

Subaru BRZ with purer driving pleasure


Some Taoist friends

There is indeed a demand for cups, and I have to say that Mustang.

Deal with passers-by

Still very strong,

Thief card face


Touching workmanship

In other words, if I were you, I really have the courage to hold it.

400 thousand

Car purchase budget

give up

Big, comfortable and dignified


Switch to a relatively impractical Pony car?

So, after a few days of test drive, I already have the questions I mentioned at the beginning.


watch from a height or distance

Next time, the 2.3T Mustang is a wild donkey.

You might as well ask yourself if you have the courage.

After all, even a donkey can see him at a glance.



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