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Haojue 250 scooter price (Haojue 250 scooter price picture Suzuki)

Just after the Spring Festival in 2023, the domestic motorcycle brand Zongshen Sai Kelon began to exert its strength! On February 1st, three official new cars will be on the market, namely, the sports pedal Kelon RT1, the American retro cruise Kelon RA250, and the imitation of the racing track version of Kelon RC401. What I am talking about today is the sports pedal Kelon RT1. After all, the scooter is the "final model" of every motorcycle friend. The development of scientific and technological strength has created today's motorcycle market. Without high-end configuration, we can't get it. In 2023, Kelon RT1 set an example. Let's take a look!

In terms of design, Seclon RT1 continues the design style of the previous wireless telegraph series, but I still hope to produce a flat-pedal model, which will increase the practicality a lot. In addition, the body size is smaller than that of RT2, making daily driving more flexible. In the front face modeling, the dual-lens LED headlights are very sharp, and the original windshield area is relatively large, which can effectively reduce the oncoming wind and improve comfort when riding, but unfortunately there is no adjustment function. Intelligent configuration, such as keyless start, USB interface and so on, is more convenient for daily driving.

In the power part, the power of Seclon RT1 is still jointly developed by Seclon and South Korea's Dalin, equipped with a 150 ml single-cylinder side-mounted water-cooled four-valve engine. In terms of parameters, the engine's maximum power reaches 11.5 kW/8,000 rpm, and its maximum torque is 14.5 Nm/6,750 rpm, which is the first-class level among domestic vehicles of the same class. Moreover, the quality control of Sekelon RT1 is also very good, only 144kg. Coupled with the keel frame of this car, it has a high integrity in driving and its athletic performance will be even better. After getting the real car later, I will share the driving experience with you in detail.

In terms of selling price, the official announcement is currently starting from 16,280 yuan, which means that the car has a higher configuration version to choose from. According to the information obtained by the author, in the instrument part, there are two kinds of cars to choose from, namely, LCD digital color negative display screen and all-LCD thin film transistor color instrument. In addition, there is information that the high-end version of the car is also equipped with a driving recorder and tire pressure monitoring. Generally speaking, such a configuration is very rare in domestic similar models; I believe that after the car is officially released and listed, friends should sit still!

In terms of car body configuration, in order to focus on the sports performance of vehicles, Sekelon RT1 is equipped with 14-inch front and rear wheels and semi-hot-melt tires with dimensions of 110/80/14 and 120/70/14, which has a good performance in both vehicle passability and tire grip. In the shock absorption part, the car adopts vertical front fork and bilateral rear shock absorption; Brake is matched with the front single disc brake and one-way double piston caliper, and the rear single disc brake single piston caliper; Dual-channel anti-lock braking device and anti-lock braking system are standard, and there is no trafficcontrolstation traction control system in the same class, so the configuration is far superior to that in the same class.

Finally, how do you feel about the new car RT1 of Sekelon 2023 in the field of small displacement sports scooters? Based on its price, how did it perform after it officially landed on the market? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss with domestic riders!

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