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Instruction for use of Mondeo wiper (Instruction for use of Mondeo wiper)


What happens when the brake clicks and the pedal vibrates?

@ 么么么:

My car has just been bought for three months. Recently, sometimes the brakes make a "click" sound, and the brake pedal is still shaking. What is the reason?

Uncle Brick:

Does the road ring when it is slippery? Or will it all ring

@ 么么么:

It rings when the road is slippery or there are ice bumps.

Uncle Brick:

This is a normal phenomenon. When braking on a wet road, the wheels are easy to lock up. At this time, ABS will play a role to prevent the wheels from locking up. When the anti-lock braking device acts,

The anti-lock braking device pump will make a "click" sound, and the pedal will also vibrate.


@ 么么么:

Oh! I thought there was something wrong!


Does it matter if you change the oil with different viscosity?

@ Silent:

The original original 5w-30 engine oil was replaced by Castrol 10w-40 engine oil. Is it ok? I feel that the fuel consumption is a little high, but I don't feel the rest.

Uncle Brick:

Yes, but it may be better to use 5W-30 when the weather is cold in winter.

The viscosity of 10W-40 is higher.

Especially when the temperature is low, the viscosity is high and the engine running resistance is also high.

Fuel consumption will naturally be higher.


@ Silent:

Oh! I see.


What if the inspection mark is lost?

@ 味味:

Hello! I bought a car in September and lost the motor vehicle inspection mark on the windshield. Can I reissue it at any vehicle management office? Is there a charge?

Uncle Brick:

Bring your driving license, ID card and compulsory insurance certificate, which can be reissued at any local vehicle management office, generally free of charge.

@ 味味:

Okay! thank you


How often does the timing belt change?


Excuse me, Haifuxing in 2008 has run 76,000 kilometers so far. Does the official belt need to be replaced?

Uncle Brick: Generally, it is no problem to use 100,000 kilometers for qualified timing belts, but to be on the safe side,













Uncle Brick:







Uncle Brick:








Uncle Brick:





Uncle Brick:






@ Peng Jing:


Uncle Brick:


@ Peng Jing:

那新的改裝法應該怎麼解讀呢 ?

Uncle Brick:


@ Peng Jing:

Oh! I see! Thanks!


It's snowing, how can I not affect my sight?

@ 京京京京 shane:

What should I do if snow falls on the front windshield and blocks my view during driving in snowy days?

Uncle Brick:

When it snows, you can use a wiper to scrape it. If it freezes, you can use air-conditioning warm air to blow against the windshield to melt the snow and ice.

@ 京京京京 shane:

There is mud in the snow, and the glass can't be seen clearly after using the wiper!

Uncle Brick:

If there is mud, you can spray wiper water and clean it.


Why can't fuel consumption go down?

@ 中中中:

My new car ran at a high speed at 2000 kilometers, and the minimum fuel consumption could reach 5.3, but now it runs at the same high speed at 3600 kilometers, and the fuel consumption has been around 6. What is the reason?

Uncle Brick:

The fuel consumption shown by the meter is the average fuel consumption. Maybe you have been running more downtown during the period from 2000 kilometers to now, which has pushed up the average fuel consumption. And the longer the mileage, the more stable the average fuel consumption displayed by the instrument, which is difficult to change.


40,000 kilometers to make the first insurance?

@ Reddest:

Excuse me, I bought a BMW 335 in September last year. The car shows that it will not be serviced until 25000miles. Now I have been driving for more than 8,000, one year and three months. Do I need to be serviced?

Uncle Brick:

Haven't you made the first insurance yet?

@ Reddest:

Not yet. What do you mean by Shoubao?

Uncle Brick:

The first warranty is the first maintenance, and most of them are 5000 kilometers or 6 months.

. The 25,000 miles shown on your car should be maintained, which should be the American standard.

@ Reddest:

Oh! I should do maintenance as soon as possible, right?

Uncle Brick:


Domestic air quality is poor, gasoline quality is poor, and engine oil is easy to get dirty and deteriorate.

. Even if the engine oil is better, it is better to shorten the maintenance cycle, and it is best to change the engine oil after 15,000 kilometers.

@ Reddest:

Oh! Then I'll do it quickly. No wonder the noise will be louder after I get on the bus now. Thank you, Uncle Brick!


Is there a belt rubbing sound when the car is cold?

@ Chief:

Excuse me, the Peugeot 307 I bought in October 2008 has been driving for more than 6 years, totaling 50,000 kilometers. Recently, when the cold car started, there was a noise of belt friction in the engine compartment. What happened after driving for a while?

Uncle Brick:

When the car is cold, the belt is hard and the friction is insufficient, plus

Insufficient tension

, or aging, then

Easy to slip

, making a rubbing sound. Another possibility is the engine.

Abnormal bearing sound of pulley

It is recommended to find a professional to check it.


Why doesn't Corolla come standard with ESP?

@ Yang Sheng:

Uncle brick! Why doesn't the 1.6L version of Corolla have ESP? Don't manufacturers think it's not important?

Uncle Brick:

Uh ... Well! It doesn't matter, right? There are all 1.8L models, so this doesn't make sense.

The only explanation is cost saving.

ESP is one of the most expensive configurations in the car, so they reduced it on the lower-priced 1.6L version.

Uncle Brick thinks that in

In many countries and regions, even small noodles are equipped with ESP as standard, but this practice of domestic car manufacturers is really not sincere.

. Of course, people are also forced by policy means, and it is not realistic to rely solely on the voluntary participation of car manufacturers.


What is the difference between 92 # gasoline and 93 # gasoline?

@ Just you:

Excuse me, is there a difference between the national standard 93 and the national standard 92 gasoline?

Uncle Brick:

In terms of composition, the main difference between these two kinds of gasoline lies in additives, which, in official terms, are new

No.92 gasoline is more environmentally friendly.


For car owners, new

No.92 gasoline is more expensive than the previous No.93 gasoline.

. For cars,

No.92 gasoline has a lower antiknock property.

That is to say, the engine is more likely to knock. In order to prevent knocking, the engine computer will automatically reduce the ignition advance angle, and the final result is

The dynamic performance of the car will be weaker.


@ Just you:

I've been adding 93, but now there's only 92 in Shaanxi, and only 92 has been added. Does it have any effect on the car?

Uncle Brick:

It doesn't matter, but many car owners have reacted that the fuel consumption has increased slightly after changing to No.92 gasoline.

@ Just you:

Oh! thank you


What should I do if I have difficulty choosing a car?


I want to buy Xin Rui, but I am afraid of water leakage; I want to buy Sylphy, but I am afraid of burning engine oil. How to choose?

Uncle Brick: Oh! You are suffering from a typical "difficulty" in choosing a car. When choosing a car, I did a lot of homework, soaked in various forums, and learned about the advantages and disadvantages of the car, but after learning more, I suddenly found out:

There seems to be no good car in the world, and there are problems with the models.

. At this time, the entanglement came.


Yes! So what should I do?

The best way to get rid of the entanglement is to return to the original point.

Find out your real car needs and see which one is more to your taste.

. For example, you can go for a test drive and see which one is more suitable for you to drive. Finally, look at the price. It's almost settled. Uncle Brick can only say that no car is perfect, and even the best car has people complaining.


Mm-hmm Thanks, Uncle Brick!



What is the standard for paying taxes?

@ A person's madness:

Excuse me, what standard is the purchase tax paid?

Uncle Brick:

When a private person buys a car,

Purchase tax = purchase price /11.7

. It is worth noting that in practice, 4S stores often lower the taxable car purchase price, so as to pay less taxes. Of course, the tax bureau is not stupid. Every car has a minimum tax standard.

As far as buyers are concerned, they rarely know how much purchase tax they have paid. When bargaining and paying, you don't have to care about how much tax they have paid, how much they have licensed and how much insurance they have. You only care about the total price, whether you can land, whether you have bought the insurance you should buy and what you should send.

@ A person's madness:

Oh, oh! Got it!


The cooling fan keeps turning?

@ Hometown Stone:

Why does the fan of the car water tank always keep turning?

Uncle Brick:

You may be controlling the fan.

The water temperature sensor or circuit is out of order.

, it may also be a fan relay in addition to the problem. Under normal circumstances, when the water temperature is relatively high, the fan will turn.

In order to prevent the fan from working and the water temperature from being too high due to sensor or line failure, many cars adopt normally closed relays when designing fan circuits. In other words,

If there is no water temperature signal, or the relay fails, the fan will default.

Enter the working state

I would rather the engine is cold than overheated.

@ Hometown Stone:

Then what should I do?

Uncle Brick:

There is no other way. Go to a professional maintenance person for inspection and maintenance as soon as possible.


Do you want to change the winter oil in winter?

@LULIHAO/ lulihao:

I bought the upgraded version of Great Wall c50 in September. It's only three months old. Do I need to change the winter oil in winter?

Uncle Brick: Before changing it, it was really necessary to change the winter engine oil with lower viscosity, but now the automobile engine oil is universal in all seasons. For example, 5W-40, where "w" stands for winter. in other words

You don't have to change the so-called winter oil specially.


Of course, if the temperature in some places is too low, and the engine oil that can be used all the year round may not meet the requirements, then you can replace it with engine oil that is more suitable for low temperature, such as 10W-30.

@LULIHAO/ lulihao

Got it! thank you


Can I start the car if the remote control key fails?

@ Drifting away:

There is no response when the remote control opens the door. Can you start the car after opening the door with a mechanical key?

Uncle Brick:

Whether it can be started depends on the model, if

There is no engine password to prevent theft, and you can start the car with a mechanical key.

. If there is an engine password to prevent theft, it needs to be paired with the key password to start it. At this time, it is necessary

Replace the battery in the key.


@ Drifting away:

Oh! Got it!


What should I do if I buy a stock car?

@ Zou Zhou:

I bought a bargain car, Angola, which turned out to be produced in April this year. It has been parked in the open air until now, the body is covered with mud and fallen leaves, and the engine compartment is covered with mud. When I went up to try it, there was electricity, but I couldn't catch fire. The white looks yellow, not as bright as the white of the car next to it. Excuse me, can this car be as good as a new car?

Uncle Brick:

There will be some minor problems with the stock cars, especially those in the open air, but after all, the price is favorable and there is nothing to say.

In your situation, you'd better put

Engine oil and filter have been changed. At the same time, clean the engine compartment and check the air filter and air conditioner filter.

. As for paint, you can try waxing and polishing.

@ Zou Zhou:

If you don't turn it on for so long, the battery won't be dead, will it? In addition, the 4s shop said it was to help seal a glaze. Can this restore the color?

Uncle Brick:

It would be better if the 4S shop can exchange the battery for free. If it is not, we can make do with it, and there is no big problem. as for

Sealing glaze can really improve the brightness of paint, so you can do it.


@ Zou Zhou:

Hmm! Thanks, Uncle Brick!

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