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The price of Everest Excelle 525x (500 times the price of Everest Excelle)

Unlimited new car goes on the market: Master Brother 05525X has many upgrades for the whole car.

This car replaces the engine, and the price of many upgrades in the whole car is cheaper than the old one! The standard version is priced at 37,766 yuan, and the three-box version is priced at 41,766 yuan (with three boxes of radish).

As a new type of stepless vehicle, DS525X adopts a brand-new KEL525 engine with copper-based bearing pads. The maximum power is 41kW/9000rpm and the maximum torque is 50.5Nm/7500rpm, which is higher than that of the previous generation 525 engine.

Moreover, the new version of DS525X has redesigned the sitting height, which can be used by more people. The KYB shock absorber with adjustable front and rear can also be adapted to the driver's height according to the driving style. These new features bring higher performance and driving comfort to DS525X.

In addition, DS525X uses Nissin calipers with front double-disc and rear single-disc braking systems, and is equipped with dual-channel anti-lock braking device and trafficcontrolstation for dual-system assistance, which ensures more comfortable rapid acceleration and emergency braking.

In addition, there is a spotlight hidden on both sides of the car body, which can not only provide better lighting effect for the driver, but also be trapped in the side plate and integrated with the car body, which looks very cool. At the same time, in order to facilitate the driver, DS525X is also equipped with a color seven-inch LCD instrument, which supports the comprehensive data display of the T-Boxll generation car networking system. In addition, the standard handle bow and so on make the driving experience more comfortable.

Compared with Excelle 525X in market comparison, the electrodeless DS525X has the advantages of a new generation of engines and original spotlights, and the price is not much different. This makes DS525X a very attractive choice. For people who like to ride, this car is definitely worth seeing.

Advantages are concerned!

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