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Automatic second-hand car 120 thousand yuan is suitable for girls to drive (second-hand automatic car is suitable for women to drive)

Hello, everyone. I'm Xixia.

Today, I will update "The second part of the best value-for-money used car series that you can buy with a budget of about 10 thousand"

I believe that many women buy used cars, besides the price, the most important things are the color, driving feeling and model. Today it comes-Honda Fit Series 05 1.3 CVT.

In June, 2005, the 1.3 automatic transmission of the top-quality car was licensed. The original car was red, and the car was changed to yellow for technology. It can be seen that this Honda Fit belongs to a small car, and its color is younger, which is more suitable for young people to drive.

The car looks fashionable, small and lovely, but the interior space is very spacious, not as crowded as expected, the interior is clean, the space is large, and the back row is still a magic seat. The space utilization rate is extremely high, and the decoration is classic and generous. Friends who prefer to change this car can also start with it. As for the reasons, I won't say much.

Honda Fit is known as a small-performance steel gun, which naturally has nothing to say in terms of driving feel and performance. Automatic 5AT gearbox, smooth shifting, no sense of frustration, and excellent driving experience. The highlight of this car is its famous fuel economy! Save fuel! Save fuel! Fit is definitely a car for commuting and home use!

I am Xixia, and I will continue to update for you tomorrow. Welcome to pay attention to it.

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