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Brother Pang tested Tiggo 7pro (Tiggo 7 pro)

Chery's compact SUV—, the new Tiggo VII, is on the market. In the era when sport utility vehicles account for more and more market share, SUV market segments are becoming more and more abundant, and compact sport utility vehicles under joint venture brands emerge one after another. Compared with other models, the starting price of Chery Tiggo VII, a domestic compact sport utility vehicle with high popularity, is still very sincere. The official price range of the new Tiggo VII is 7.99-14.19 million yuan, and nine different versions of models including the Tiggo 7Pro are launched. Let's see which one is more suitable for you among these models.

First of all, the guide price of the entry-level version of the 1.5T manual strength model is 79,900 yuan, using a 6-speed manual gearbox, the maximum power of the engine is 156Ps, and the maximum torque is 230N m. The entry-level version is equipped with a 10.25-inch touch screen. Tire pressure display; Rear parking radar; Basic configuration such as uphill auxiliary. Compared with the cars on the market now, there are no skylights, LED lights and other mainstream configurations, and the 1.5T manual strength model still makes people tighten their wallets.

The 1.5T manual comfort model is 4,000 yuan more expensive than the entry version, and the guide price is 93,900 yuan, and it is equipped with full LED headlights. Keyless start; Automatic parking; Carplay mobile phone mapping and other configurations. Manual comfort has more daily use configurations, but as a manual model, daily commuting will be more troublesome than automatic transmission models, and there is also no skylight, which can accept manual transmission, and consumers with a budget just in line with this model can choose.

The official guide price of 1.5T manual elite model is 91,900 yuan, and it is equipped with panoramic sunroof. Keyless entry in the front row; Reversing image; The main driver's seat height adjustment and other configurations, consumers who can also accept manual gear can choose the manual elite type with higher configuration.

The official guide price of the 1.5T manual luxury model is 99,900 yuan, and the configuration is quite rich: cruise at a fixed speed; L1 level automatic driving; Technical comfort configuration such as front seat heating. The 1.5T manual luxury model can be said to be a "small welfare" for manual transmission enthusiasts. In the past, the manual transmission version was only available in the entry version, and the configuration was pitiful. If you are a friend who likes manual transmission, the 1.5T manual luxury model can be recommended to you.

Next is the version of 1.5T+CVT. When it comes to this version, the attention is relatively high, and the gearbox of CVT will be easier in daily use. The first is the 1.5T CVT elite model, and the official guide price is 101,900 yuan. Compared with the manual deluxe edition, the configuration reduces cruise control, L1-level automatic driving, etc., and two driving modes, ECO and Sport, can be selected, and the configuration can still meet the daily car demand. The car purchase budget is just around 100,000 yuan. Consumers who can't accept manual transmission can look at CVT elite.

1.5CVT luxury configuration is equivalent to manual luxury configuration, with rich high-tech configuration and comfort configuration, except that the gearbox is CVT gearbox, and the guide price is 109,900 yuan. Xiaobian thinks that as an urban SUV, CVT luxury configuration can meet the comprehensive car demand of car users in daily use, and when driving in the city, CVT gearbox will also make drivers easily cope with all road conditions, so this model is more consistent with the positioning of Tiggo 7, 1.5CVT luxury.

The official price of the 1.6T DCT PRO is 118,900 yuan, and it uses a 1.6T engine with a maximum power of 197Ps and a maximum torque of 290N·m, matching a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Compared with the 1.5CVT luxury model, it has a 360 panoramic image, and the other configurations are equivalent. If consumers like the feeling of stronger power and more obvious gearbox shifting, they can choose. The official price of 1.6T DCT PRO is 127,900 yuan, and 19-inch wheels are used to add extra points to the appearance, and active safety and comfort configurations such as lane departure warning, front collision warning, active braking, lane keeping and adaptive cruise are adopted. This model is the all-time top model of Tiggo 7, which has relatively good power parameters, rich configuration and budget, and can be used as the first choice.

Finally, the top model of the whole system is 1.6T DCT Zhi PRO, and the official price is 141,900 yuan. As a top model, this car is equipped with everything. High-tech comfort configuration such as inductive tailgate, exclusive 12.3-inch LCD instrument, wireless charging of mobile phone, electric seat adjustment of co-pilot and waist adjustment of main driver. Although the configuration table is dazzling, there are many functions that are not practical in daily life, and the cost performance of the top model is slightly lower than that of the above recommended models.

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