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Fox has already become a benchmark in Ford's product camp. In early 1991, the first generation of Fox came out, and in the first year of listing, it won the first sales in the British market. Until it was delisted, the first generation of Fox sold nearly 5 million vehicles worldwide. Then the second and third generation Fox continued the market popularity of the first generation Fox. By 2018, the fourth generation Fox went on the market, and the more sporty appearance design and richer configuration level further enhanced the market popularity of this "veteran".

Not long ago, the 2021 Focus, which was redesigned annually, was officially listed. At the same time, this new car listed manufacturer also provided the first owner's engine lifetime warranty policy, which is rare among a number of joint venture brands. And I also got this new car a few days ago-Fox 2021 hatchback eco-supercharged 180 automatic front tide version. Then, let's talk about the highlights of this car in terms of appearance, interior, configuration and driving.

To tell the truth, the design of the 2021 Fox Front Tide Edition is still quite pleasing, and it may be that people are too impressed with the previous generation of Fox, so people will immediately think of the square appearance when they mention Fox. But when this 2021 Focus Frontwave stopped in front of me, I immediately had an idea that it would be a car that young people would be happy to pay attention to.

Because it has taken "sports" as its motto, especially in the front face, the downward cover matches the lines gathered from both sides to the center, making the black honeycomb air intake grille become the visual C position in an instant. Slide your eyes to both sides, and the sharp headlights stretch to both sides. From the side, it has a strong sense of internal design. A silver decorative strip in the middle separates the upper and lower lamp groups, and LED beads are arranged around the decorative strip in an orderly manner, similar to an arrow, creating a feeling of readiness.

Personally, it's best to look down from the front 45-degree angle, because the front/back 45-degree angle is the golden angle for most cars. At the same time, when looking at the 2021 Focus Front Tide Edition in this way, you can clearly see the smooth lines of its body. Except for the falling front, the roof also slides down from the B-pillar, which is also the essence of the face value of the 2021 Focus Front Tide Edition. Combined with the segmented waistline on the side, the integrity is not good.

In fact, it's a pity that I didn't get the ST Line version this time, but for this 2021 Fox Front Tide version, I think its crowning touch lies in the wheel hub, smoked ash and multi-spoke design, which makes it difficult for people to realize that this is a set of original wheels. After I finished filming my circle of friends, many friends were questioning: Is this really the original wheel hub? And my unified reply is: this is the original wheel hub. That is, this set of wheels further enhances the sense of movement of the 2021 Fox Front Tide Edition. Although it does not have the complicated design as the ST Line model, from the perspective of perception, the wheels of the 2021 Fox Front Tide Edition are more capable.

To sum up, the overall design of the 2021 Focus Fashion Edition is still based on the sense of movement. After all, the current consumers are mainly young people, and Focus will be chosen by most young consumers as the first car in life, so it must conform to the aesthetics of young consumers. From this point of view, the 2021 Focus has accomplished this task quite beautifully.

If the appearance of the 2021 Fox Front Tide Edition is only minor repairs, then the interior part can be said to be comparable to the replacement. The combination of soft materials and painted panels seems to have become the standard for improving the interior texture, but it must be said that the good impression of this established combination is indeed beyond doubt, and with the stitching design, the sense of exquisiteness has been further improved.

In addition, the configuration of the 2021 Fox Front Tide Edition is also unambiguous. The central control is still a floating screen, but the screen size has increased to 12.3 inches, and the 8-inch LCD instrument has become the standard for all models. And this set of configuration has become the iconic design of the Ford family at present. After all, it is necessary to make others look comfortable and use it comfortably.


Speaking of experience, I had already experienced the charm of this SYNC+ system in Ford Sharp before I came into contact with this 2021 Fox Front Tide Edition, so in this actual operation, I am familiar with the functional layout and operation. This is also engraved into the genes of the 2021 Focus, that is, "digitalization" and "intelligence". The former is displayed by the 8-inch full LCD instrument that is standard in all departments, and the richness of displayed information is remarkable. With the multi-function steering wheel, most vehicle information can be viewed on the dashboard.

The best experience of the latter is in its voice interactive system. After saying "Hello, Ford", the car immediately responded. At the same time, in voice interaction, the car can still respond quickly and accurately to conventional voice commands such as "what's the weather like today", "I want to find a restaurant" and "turn on the air conditioner", which is quite outstanding in joint venture brand models with the same price.

On the whole, the 2021 Fox Tide Edition is exquisite in interior design and materials, and does not use some "cheap" materials because of the positioning of its family car. At the same time, the addition of dual large screens further enhances the sense of technology, and it is also proved by the smooth SYNC+ system that this is not a flashy configuration.

By the way, in addition to the two large screens showing "digitalization" and "intelligence", in other configurations, the 2021 Focus Tide Edition has also performed well. After all, consumers are rational in buying cars now, and there are not enough rich configurations, so how can they attract their attention? Configurations such as electric sunroof, remote start function, wireless charging function of front mobile phone, electric adjustment of main driver's seat, B&O audio, indoor ambient light, rear air outlet, etc. also appear in the configuration list of the 2021 Fox Tide Edition.

It is worth mentioning that this B&O stereo is equipped with all the 1.5T models except the 1.5L model. Considering the guide price of 136,800 yuan, it is impossible not to smell good.

Finally, let's talk about how this 2021 Fox Front Tide Edition works. First of all, according to the convention, let's talk about the powertrain. This car is equipped with a power system consisting of Ecoboost180 engine and +8AT gearbox, with 174 horsepower and a maximum torque of 243 Nm. Considering that the curb weight of this car is only 1367kg, it is very easy for this car to be propelled by this engine with 174 horsepower.

This data performance is also confirmed in the actual experience. In sports mode, the keen dynamic response of the 2021 Fox Front Tide Edition in the early stage can make me win at the moment when the green light is on, and the stable power output in the later stage can make me more confident in overtaking. The official acceleration time of this car is 8.9s, but in fact, the car gives people a faster somatosensory feedback when accelerating, because inadvertently, the speed has come to the speeding warning line.

Secondly, for a car, whether it is fun or not, the straight road is not the whole thing, so you must run the corner. When the 2021 Fox Front Tide Edition is cornering, the TVC intelligent torque distribution system enables the whole car to distribute power more reasonably when driving in a corner, and obtain a more stable body posture in the corner. Although the steering part is not very accurate, the directivity of the front of the car and the follow-up of the rear of the car have a good performance. In addition, the Fox hatchback version itself is shorter than the sedan version, so it is flexible and can give drivers enough confidence. Ahem ..... Let me remind you that all the above driving actions are carried out on closed roads.

In addition, in ECO mode and standard mode, the throttle response of this car is much slower. At this time, it can be felt that the front and rear independent suspensions are still in place to deal with the road bumps. Through the vibration filtering of the chassis and the cushioning of the seats, the vibration finally transmitted to the body is not obvious, which is very important for a family car. After all, drivers are not always driving aggressively, and most of the time they must maintain the Buddhist system. At this time, comfort has become the main consideration dimension.

It is worth mentioning that the 2021 Fox Tide Edition is not equipped with Michelin PS4 tires like the ST Line model, so the grip of this car will be slightly insufficient on the wet road. Therefore, if you want to pursue better handling and higher limits, then the 2021 Fox ST Line version will be more suitable for you.

It is said that the 2021 Fox Front Tide Edition, with its excellent quality and the blessing of all its equipment, can give drivers enough driving pleasure whether it is straight or attacking corners. At the same time, the modified Fox also provided the first owner with the right of engine lifetime warranty, which seemed to tell the owner to play casually and we will take care of the rest.

After spending a few days with this Fox 2021 hatchback EcoBoost 180 automatic front-tide model, I gradually understand why Fox can last for a long time, just like its car name, it will pay attention to what consumers like at present, and spare no effort to give feedback to consumers, whether it is sports appearance, textured interior, or digital and intelligent configuration, it is constantly advancing with the times. So, who can't love such a small and sophisticated digital sports mid-level car?

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