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Where did the old driver test drive Zhang Xiaoxian (Zhang Xiaoxian old driver car)

In recent two years, China brand sport utility vehicles have more and more competitive advantages than joint venture brand vehicles, especially in the compact sport utility vehicle market.

Now, another heavyweight of China brand, Changan brand-new CS55 is officially listed. The new car is equipped with a 1.5T engine and is divided into 8 models with different configurations. The price range is 83,900-13,290 yuan.

Changan CS55 is located between CS75 and CS35, and its appearance is not as exaggerated as that of many young consumer market models, but it is solid as a whole.

The word "Chang 'an" on the front face is very powerful, and the two rectangular full-LED headlights are fashionable. The boomerang LED lights with the all-black bottom bar are very eye-catching.

You may want to spit out the side shape, which is too much like finding a miracle, but the design of leaning forward C-pillar and hidden D-pillar is still fashionable. The body dimensions are 4500/1855/1690mm in length, width and height, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2650 mm, which is relatively medium in the same class.

There are not many bright spots at the tail, which is the same style as CS75. But the brake light and width indicator light of LED light source are used. It is equipped with decorative bilateral rectangular exhaust ports.

Coming into the car, the color matching style of red and black contrasts is very attractive to young people. The fan-shaped central control LCD screen looks good, but the imitation carbon fiber panel around the bar is a little cheap, so it is better to change it into piano paint style. However, the storage space of CS55 is still excellent.

In terms of configuration, except for the minimum 1.5T 6MT dazzling version. Other models are equipped with LED daytime running lights, skylights, keyless entry/start, cruise control, etc.

The high-profile models also have panoramic sunroof, 360-degree panoramic image, automatic parking, LED headlights, automatic air conditioning in different zones, and adaptive cruise in the Air Control Center.

In terms of power, changan CS55 is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 156 HP and a peak torque of 225 Nm. The transmission is matched with a 6-speed manual or 6AT gearbox. Although the 1.5T engine is 14 horsepower and 5 Nm less than CS75, the mass of CS55 is 145kg lighter than CS75. For suspension, CS55 adopts front McPherson and rear multi-link independent suspension. Power performance can refer to the old driver's test drive: Zhang Xiaoxian's test drive in changan CS55.

Changan CS55 is the most fashionable in Chang 'an sport utility vehicle family, and its configuration is higher in the same class. It is not as well-behaved as the CS75, but more attractive to young people, and it is estimated to be a car with a lot of traffic.

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