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Price of pure electric BMW i3 (what is the landing price of pure electric BMW i3)

[Pacific Auto Network Evaluation Channel] 3 Series is the most important car of BMW, and it has been sought after by fans all over the world. Today, the 3 Series after electrification is named after BMW i3. Does it inherit the persistence of BMW 3 Series in the past? Compared with the fuel version of the 3 series, is there any difference in appearance and interior? Is the performance worthy of its price? We conducted in-depth experience and data measurement.

Static review

First of all, in the static aspect, the BMW i3 has been adjusted based on the fuel version, and some details such as the mesh grille and wheel hub have been "new energy". The biggest highlight of the interior is the use of the curved screen of BMW iX and the iDrive8 central control system. Let's briefly review this car.

Concept of sustainable development

As a pure electric vehicle, BMW i3 can achieve zero emissions. However, in the production, charging and battery scrapping of electric vehicles, the cost of emissions and pollution is greater than that of fuel vehicles, which has always been a controversial topic. In this respect, BMW has gone further than others.

As far as BMW i3 is concerned, it uses a synchronous motor without rare earth excitation to reduce the consumption of rare metal resources on the earth. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, a power battery supplier, uses 100% green power in the battery production line of BMW i3; Battery core raw materials are 100% recycled by Huayou Cycle.

In the production process, BMW i3 was born in the newly-built Lida factory of BMW Brilliance in Tiexi District, Shenyang. This new factory with an investment of 15 billion yuan is the official landing of BMWiFACTORY's production strategy in China, with "lean, green and digital" as its core concept.

How to embody the concept of "green" sustainable development? At present, BMW Shenyang production base uses 100% renewable electricity, and the whole base has 290,000 square meters of solar panels, providing electricity equivalent to the daily electricity consumption of 9,000 families for one year. In addition, there are more than 11,000 trees planted in the base, covering 33 different species, and there are 7,500 square meters of gardens. Using the sponge city system to collect rainwater can nourish plants, replenish groundwater and reduce water consumption.

Pressure from Tesla Model 3

BMW i3 is the earliest electric model among the traditional luxury mid-size cars, and there is no direct competitor at present. I3 has only one configuration of eDrive35L. Although the power has exceeded 330Li, it is still worse than Tesla Model 3. In contrast, the 2022 Tesla Model 3, Performance high-performance all-wheel drive version is only 20,000 more expensive than the i3, but it has 485 horsepower and four-wheel drive, and its battery life is longer.

In terms of configuration, such as adaptive cruise, lane keeping, automatic parking, 360 panoramic image, HUD head-up display, keyless entry, wireless charging, electric tailgate, etc., all need to be optional, even the very basic function of front seat heating requires an additional 3,500 yuan. That is to say, the official bare car price of BMW i3 is 349,900 yuan. With several optional configurations and insurance, the landing price goes straight to 400,000 yuan.

In addition, due to the power system structure of rear-mounted rear drive, the trunk space of BMW i3 has shrunk a little, the floor is higher than that of the 3 Series, and there is no front trunk under the original hood, so it is slightly inferior to the BMW 3 Series in terms of storage capacity.

In addition to the differences in the products themselves, Tesla Model 3 brings users its unique concept of making cars, which is quite trendy for consumers and has become a fashion label to some extent. In the sales list of luxury medium-sized cars, Model 3 has also been riding the dust, and it has become a fact to be favored.

As a traditional brand model, BMW i3 is somewhat competitive in front of Model 3. Those potential customers who want to start a luxury medium-sized electric car, and finally choose i3, must have a considerable degree of love for the BMW brand, which means paying for their feelings.

How is the performance of BMW i3? We interpret it from four aspects: acceleration, braking, energy consumption and noise.

Accelerated test

Different from fuel vehicles, pure electric vehicles can't and don't need to wake up the strongest performance of the power system by holding down the speed. Just turn on the sports mode, turn off ESP, turn off the air conditioner, and the system will pour out all the power when the floor oil goes down. During the acceleration test, the BMW i3 started without a tire, with a calm posture, a weak sense of pushing back, and no violent feeling of ejection. However, the measured acceleration of 6.15 seconds was good.

As can be seen from the test chart, before the speed of 50km/h, the acceleration value remained at the level of 0.6g, which was quite powerful, but there was no explosion point at the beginning, so the starting action was still gentle. After 50km/h, the acceleration gradually drops to 0.3g, and the power reserve is acceptable.

The parameters of BMW i3 engine are 210kW and 400 N m. We take the upgraded version of Tesla Model 32021 as a reference, and its maximum power is 202kW and maximum torque is 404 N m. Previously, we measured that the acceleration of 100 kilometers was 5.43 seconds, which was half a second faster than BMW i3, and this was just a low-power with a price of less than 300,000 yuan. The high-performance four-wheel drive version of Tesla Model 3 is only about 20,000 yuan more expensive than the BMW i3 bare car without any optional equipment, but the power has reached 357kW and 659N·m, and the official zero-hundred-acceleration result is only 3.3 seconds.

Brake test

BMW i3 adopts the braking system of front ventilation disc and rear solid disc. In the braking test of 100 km/h, i3 scored 37.52 meters. During braking, the brake pedal feels tight, ABS intervenes in time, the body posture is stable, and there is no lateral swing at the rear of the car, so the overall feeling is very easy to control. The suspension provides a relatively in-place support, and the pitching attitude of the car body is effectively controlled.

From the test chart, we can see that the acceleration of the whole braking process is between -1.1g, and the whole output is stable without any fluctuation, and the overall performance is stable. According to our previous braking test of Tesla Model 3 2021 standard endurance upgraded version, the result is 37.61m, and BMW i3 actually measured 37.52m, which is equivalent.

Power consumption test

Previously, I heard that the BMW i3 has a high true rate of battery life, while other European new energy vehicles, such as Volkswagen ID series, are better in this respect, and can drive as much as the basic display.

The official CLTC cruising range of BMW i3 is 526 kilometers, so how much can it actually run? We carried out a 200-kilometer test, including 100 kilometers of urban road conditions and 100 kilometers of high-speed road conditions, and finally fully charged the car to estimate its actual endurance. Test the comfort mode with neutral performance in the whole process. The air conditioner is fixed at 22 degrees and the internal circulation is unchanged. There are two people in the car and the temperature is 32-37℃.

The total battery capacity of BMW i3 is 70kWh. At the end of the test, 48% of the battery capacity remained on the meter, that is, the 200.5km test consumed 52% of the battery capacity. Fully charge the car again, the whole process lasts for 400 minutes, and the total charge is 37.24kWh, which is basically in line with the performance ratio. The average power consumption of 100 kilometers is about 18.57kWh, which is quite good. According to this power consumption level, the actual endurance of BMW i3 is about 400km.

It is worth mentioning that there are two charging orders in the above picture, because the system will automatically stop charging as soon as the vehicle is unlocked during the charging process, and there will be no obvious prompt. Users need to pay attention to this problem in their daily use of cars, so as to avoid that under special circumstances, they will find that the system has been interrupted after charging for one night.

Noise test

As a luxury brand electric vehicle, what is the sound insulation performance of BMW i3 at various speeds? In the static state, the stable value of the noise inside the car is about 35.7 decibels, which is good in quietness and meets our expectations.

After the vehicle is running, the noise value in the vehicle is 52.8 decibels at the speed of 60km/h, which is better than most models in the market. When the speed reaches 90km/h and 120km/h, the wind noise and tire noise will be relatively obvious, but the measured data of 60.5 dB and 64.8 dB are not high, so noise isolation is more effective.

Driving control feeling

The whole series of BMW i3 only provides one power configuration, that is, the 286-horsepower eDrive35L with a peak torque of 400 Nm. This power level has exceeded 330Li, which is very abundant for a medium-sized car. Coupled with the characteristics of full torque output of the motor, it is very refreshing to drive every day.

Total knot

As a pure electric car of the first-line luxury brand, the overall strength of BMW i3 is good. Besides the upgrade of appearance and cockpit, its performance is also satisfactory, creating the luxury texture and brand tonality it deserves. For BMW fans with sufficient budget, i3 is really a good choice. However, considering the superior product strength of Tesla Model 3, BMW i3 is somewhat dwarfed. As for how to choose two cars, it is up to consumers to choose according to their own needs.

Comparison of vehicle parameter configuration

● Standard ○ Optional-NoneModel picture:

Vehicle information:Bmw i3
Section 2022
eDrive35LOfficial price:349,900Purchase tax:-Final landing price:362,500Energy consumption cost:-Manufacturer:Brilliance BMWLevel:in-between carTime to market:2022-03Engine:Pure electric 286 horsepower motorAir intake form:-Maximum horsepower (PS):-Maximum torque (male):-Maximum horsepower of motor (PS):Two hundred and eighty-sixTotal power of motor (kW):Two hundred and tenTotal torque of motor (male):four hundredBattery charging time:Fast charge: 0.58 hours/slow charge: 6.75 hours.Fast charge (%):EightyGearbox:Single speed gearbox of electric vehicleBody type:Four-door five-seat sedanLength× width× height (mm):4872×1846×1481Wheelbase (mm):Two thousand nine hundred and sixty-sixMaximum speed (km/h):one hundred and eighty Official 0-100km/h acceleration (s):Six point twoMeasured acceleration of 0-100km/h (s):-Measured braking at 100-0 km/h (m):-Measured fuel consumption (length/100km):-Measured pure electric cruising range (km):-Measured fast charging time (hours):-Measured slow charging time (hours):-Measured power consumption per 100 kilometers (kWh /100 kilometers):-Measured vehicle speed 0 km/h (idle speed) Environmental noise (decibel):-Measured vehicle speed 60km/h ambient noise (decibel):-Measured vehicle speed 90km/h ambient noise (decibel):-Measured vehicle speed 120km/h Environmental noise (decibel):-Comprehensive fuel consumption of National Economic Development Committee (length/100km):-WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption (length/100km):-Comprehensive fuel consumption of CLTC (length/100km):-Battery warranty time:Eight years or 120 thousand kilometersNational Economic Development Committee pure electric cruising range (km):-WLTP pure electric cruising range (km):-CLTC pure electric cruising range (km):Five hundred and twenty-sixElectric cruising range of Environmental Protection Agency (km):-Charging time:Fast charge: 0.58 hours/slow charge: 6.75 hours.Vehicle warranty:Three years or 100 thousand kilometersThe first owner warranty policy:-Driver assistance level:-Body type:SedanLength (mm):Four thousand eight hundred and seventy-twoWidth (mm):One thousand eight hundred and forty-sixHeight (mm):One thousand four hundred and eighty-oneWheelbase (mm):Two thousand nine hundred and sixty-sixFront track (mm):-Rear track (mm):-Minimum ground clearance (mm):-Vehicle weight (kg):Two thousand and twenty-nineNumber of vehicles (units):fourNumber of seats (units):fiveTank volume (l):-Luggage compartment volume (l):Four hundred and tenMaximum luggage compartment volume (l):-Internal dimensions of luggage compartment (mm):-Container size (mm):-Maximum load mass (kg):-Engine model:-Displacement (ml):-Air intake form:-Maximum horsepower (PS):-Maximum power (kW):-Maximum power speed (rpm):-Maximum torque (male):-Maximum torque speed (rpm):-Cylinder arrangement:-Number of cylinders (units):-Number of valves per cylinder (units):-Compression ratio:-Valve train:-Cylinder diameter (mm):-Travel (mm):-Engine specific technology:-Fuel form:Pure electricFuel label:-Oil supply mode:-Cylinder head material:-Cylinder material:-Emission standard:-Motor model:HA0001N0Motor type:Excitation synchronizationMaximum horsepower of motor (PS):Two hundred and eighty-sixTotal power of motor (kW):Two hundred and tenTotal torque of motor (male):four hundredMaximum power of front motor (kW):-Maximum torque of front motor (male):-Maximum power of rear motor (kW):Two hundred and tenMaximum torque of rear motor (male):four hundredDriving mode:Pure electricNumber of driving motors:Single motorMotor layout:postpositionSystem comprehensive power (kW):-System comprehensive torque (male):-National Economic Development Committee pure electric cruising range (km):-WLTP pure electric cruising range (km):-CLTC pure electric cruising range (km):Five hundred and twenty-sixElectric cruising range of Environmental Protection Agency (km):-Official power consumption per 100 kilometers (kWh /100 kilometers):Fourteen point threeBattery capacity (kWh):SeventyBattery energy density (Wh/kg):-Battery type:Ternary lithium batteryBattery warranty time:Eight years or 120 thousand kilometersBattery charging time:Fast charge: 0.58 hours/slow charge: 6.75 hours.Fast charge (%):EightyAbbreviation:Single speed gearbox of electric vehicleNumber of gears:oneGearbox type:Fixed gear ratioDriving mode:Rear driveFour-wheel drive form:-Central differential structure:-Front suspension type:Double-ball joint spring damping strut front axleRear suspension type:Multi-link independent suspensionSteering assist type:Electric boosterBody structure:Bearing typeFront brake type:Ventilated discRear brake type:disc-typeParking brake type:electrical parking brakeFormer tyre size:225/50 R18After tyre size:245/45 R18Spare tire specifications:withoutSpare tire size:-Approach angle ():SixteenDeparture angle ():FifteenLongitudinal passing angle ():-Maximum climbing degree (%)/climbing angle ():-Minimum ground clearance (mm):-Minimum turning radius (m):-Maximum wading depth (mm):-Anti-lock braking device anti-lock:●Distribution of braking force (European Development Bank/Commercial Bank of Canada, etc.):●Brake assist (EBA/ Bath/Bar, etc.):●Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.):●Body stability control (ESP/DSC/ESC, etc.):●Tire pressure monitoring device:

Tire pressure displayExplosion-proof tire:●Warning that the seat belt is not fastened:

front rowParallel auxiliary:zeroLane departure warning system:●Lane keeping assistance system:zeroActive braking/active safety system:●Road traffic sign recognition:zeroFatigue driving tips:●Night vision system:-Front front airbag:Main ●/Deputy ●Front/rear side airbags:Front ●/Back-Front/rear head airbag (air curtain):Front ●/rear ●Front knee airbag:Master-/deputy-Passenger seat cushion airbag:-Front center airbag:-Rear seat anti-sliding airbag:-Pedestrian collision protection system:●ISO FIX child seat interface:●Electronic anti-theft of engine:-Central locking in the car:●Key type:

remote (car) key

NFC keyAutomatic locking of driving:●Remote lifting window:●Remote startup:●Keyless start system:●Keyless access system:


Whole vehicleCruise system:

Cruise control


Full speed adaptive cruiseFront/rear radar:Front ●/rear ●Parking image system:

reversing image


360-degree panoramic imageVehicle-side blind spot image system;-Reverse dynamic reminding system:zeroDriving mode switching:





personalizedAutomatic parking:zeroEngine start-stop technology:-Automatic driving assistance:-Uphill assistance:●Automatic parking:●Steep slope descent:-Variable suspension:Soft and hard+height adjustmentElectromagnetic induction suspension:-Air suspension:●Variable steering ratio:-Integral active steering system:-Front axle limited slip differential/differential lock:-Central differential locking function:-Rear axle limited slip differential/differential lock:-Skylight type:

Openable panoramic skylightSunroof size (mm):-Sports Appearance Kit:-Aluminum alloy wheel hub:●Electric spoiler:-Electric suction door:-Frameless design door:-Electric trunk:-Trunk induction opening:zeroElectric trunk position memory:zeroRoof rack:-Hide the electric door handle:-Active air intake grille:●Battery preheating:●Steering wheel material:

coriumSteering wheel adjustment range:Up and down+front and backElectric steering wheel adjustment:-Multifunctional steering wheel:●Steering wheel paddles:-Steering wheel heating:-Steering wheel memory:-Driving computer display function:

Driving information

Multimedia informationFull LCD instrument panel:●LCD instrument panel size:12.3 inchesHUD head-up digital display:zeroOn-board driving recorder:zeroWireless charging of mobile phone:


front rowSeat material:artificial leatherSports style seat:-Front seat height adjustment:

front rowFront seat cushion inclination adjustment:

front rowFront seat cushion length adjustment:

front rowFront lumbar support adjustment:


front rowFront shoulder support adjustment:-Electric adjustment of main/passenger seat:Main ●/Deputy ●The rear row of the passenger seat is electrically adjustable:-Rear seat adjustment:-Rear seat electric adjustment:-Power seat memory:

Driving seatSteering wheel/seat comfortable access:-Front/rear seat heating:Front ●/Back-Front/rear seat ventilation:Before-/after-Front/rear seat massage:Before-/after-Rear seat reclining form:-The third row of seats:-Second row of independent seats:-Front/rear seat center armrest:Front ●/rear ●Rear cup holder:●Air conditioning adjustment mode:

automaticTemperature zone control:

Three areaRear independent air conditioning:●Rear seat air outlet:●In-vehicle PM2.5 filter device:●Car air purifier:-Car refrigerator:-Low beam light source:Light Emitting Diode(LED)High beam light source:Light Emitting Diode(LED)Adaptive distance light;zeroDaytime running lights:●Automatic headlights:●Steering assist light:-Follow-up steering headlight (AFS):-Front fog lamp:-Headlight rain fog mode:-Headlight height adjustable:●Headlight cleaning device:-Headlights are turned off with delay:●Touch reading lamp:-Interior Ambient Lights:zeroPower windows:

Whole vehicleWindow one-button up/down:

Whole vehicleWindow anti-pinch function:

Whole vehicleMulti-layer sound insulation glass:

Front windshield

Front windowUV protection/heat insulation glass:-Electric adjustment of rearview mirror:●Exterior mirror heating:●Electric folding of rearview mirror:●Automatic folding of rearview mirror lock:●The rearview mirror automatically turns down when reversing:●Rearview mirror memory:●Automatic anti-glare for interior/exterior rearview mirrors:Inside/outsideRear windshield sunshade:-Rear side sunshade:-Rear privacy glass:-Sunvisor vanity mirror:

Main driver+lighting

First officer+lightingRear wiper:-Induction wiper:zeroCenter console color large screen:●Large screen size of center console:14.9 inchesOperation mode of central control panel:

Touch controlSatellite navigation system:●Real-time traffic information display:●Mobile phone interconnection/mapping:


CaribCar networking:●Overflying-Top Attack remote online upgrade;

SOTARoad rescue call:●Speech recognition control system:

Multimedia system


telephoneGesture control:-Bluetooth/car phone:●Central control LCD screen display:-Car TV:-Rear LCD:-Rear central control system:-Interface type:

Universal serial bus


Type cNumber of USB/C interfaces:Standard: 2, Optional: 2220v/230v power supply:-Trunk 12V power interface:-CD/DVD:-Speaker brand:(Optional Harman/Kardon Harman Kardon: 8000 yuan)Number of speakers:Standard: 6, optional: 17Active noise reduction system:-System name:-Autopilot chip:-Chip computing power:-Number of cameras:-Millimeter wave radar:-Ultrasonic radar:-Lidar:-Automatic lane change:-Corner keeping aid:-Navigation-assisted driving:-Built-in high-precision map:-Visual display of obstacles:-Remote parking/driving:-Remote summoning:-Car machine system:iDrive 8.0Face recognition:-Fingerprint identification:-Processor:-Number of central control screens:oneScreen resolution:-Screen rotation:-Multi-screen interaction:-Speech recognition:-Multi-round voice conversation:-Fuzzy semantic recognition:-Remarks:-Fast track:Understand the dealer quotation > >
Enter the car channel > >

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