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Ferrari used car market price (Ferrari used car quotation)

Ferrari Rafah is one of the three great beasts. It started production in June 2013. The domestic reference price of the hardtop version is 22.5 million, excluding any matching. The landing price of matching is basically around 30 million. In 2014, domestic Rafah began to deliver one after another. Counting the oldest six years, how much are these cars worth at present?

According to the feedback from the second-hand car website, the price of second-hand Rafah has dropped to 17.8 million at present. As for the internet rumors, this car is getting more and more expensive. Some people even say that the buyer will not depreciate, but may even appreciate. In the face of today's second-hand car price, the rumors are broken. There are not many kilometers of second-hand Rafah in China, ranging from 1,000 kilometers to 4,000 kilometers, mainly around 3,000 kilometers, and 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers of cars in 4-6 years. It seems that they usually sleep in the garage.

This is not only true in China, but also in the world. The second-hand Rafah in Japan and the United States is similar to that in China, with few kilometers, some of which are less than 1,000 kilometers, and some of which are hundreds of kilometers. The reason for the small kilometers is that people who buy this car have more than one car at home, and they don't need Rafah for daily transportation. They just drive it occasionally, and they don't like it. Even if they sell it, it is not easy to sell it.

At that time, it landed at 30 million yuan, and the current listing price is mainly around 18.88 million yuan. After counting, a BMW 750 will evaporate in one year, and some of them will not stop. Moreover, the listing price is not equal to the actual transaction price. The reason is very simple. People who can afford it started as early as 4-6 years ago. Why wait until today? People who can't afford it may not be able to afford it in another six years. The market is basically saturated, and even there is a demand for small supply. In fact, there are many people who can afford it, and they are willing to buy second-hand Rafah. Therefore, there is still room for price reduction and it will continue to depreciate.

Since 1962, Ferrari has launched six top-level flagships, namely, 250GTO in 1962, 288 kt in 1984, F40 in 1987, Enzo in the 50th year of 2003 in 1995, and one in Rafah in 2013, with an average of 8.5 years. According to the average speed, the new model is getting closer and closer. Once the new model comes, the old model will be.

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