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Xi 'an Jiang Ge Motorcycle Where to Buy (Xi 'an Jiang Ge Motorcycle Specialty Store)

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Motorists will be an essential part of my life ~ I will practice driving after I get my driver's license. I am a female driver. Д? )? haha

The first time I practiced driving, I didn't have equipment or my own car at that time. It wasn't long before I bought my first pedal motorcycle, Jiangge Air-cooled 150. I thought that the pedal was friendly to beginners and I could walk around the city. The ultimate destination of the knight was the pedal, so let's have one first ~

I made an appointment with my partner to paint the street that night when I picked up the car … I was in a hurry …

I've been riding for more than three years, and I'm very happy that my scooter has taken me to many places I want to go. I also fell off my bike and witnessed the whole motorcycle accident … but I didn't give up my love for motorcycles ~ and I added a new member, ktm duke390~

Brush Miaofeng Mountain at night

Rain or shine, even if it rains ...

Ride on the coldest day in Beijing ~

Don't let go of the cave, either

There were a lot of gravel in it, and later others helped me ride it …

Hongjing Road, which is familiar to Beijing Moyou.

The grassland road rides the pedal as adv …

In the end, even in Tibet, I never let go of my Jiang Ge.

More than 5,000 meters of Milla Pass.

I can't forget to put my new favorite. Haha

I hope the epidemic will soon pass, and I will have the opportunity to travel around China on my scooter ~ I also hope to meet more great gods and exchange experiences ~

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