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After subsidy, about 30,000 pure electric vehicles Wuling Hongguang reserve price vehicles (30,000 Wuling Hongguang pure electric vehicles)

Text: Understand the original Chen Xuming of Che Di

The 2022 Hongguang Miniev macaroon colorful and colorful models are listed, with the price of 46,800 yuan and 52,800 yuan respectively, and the corresponding pure electric cruising range is 120 kilometers and 170 kilometers respectively, and other configurations of the two models remain the same. Recently, Know Car Emperor photographed Hongguang Miniev macaroon's painted real car at the dealer, and its color matching visual effect is fresh, which is more popular with female users.

Hongguang Miniev macaroon painted lemon yellow

Hongguang Miniev macaroon painted lavender purple

Equipped with LED far and near beams and daytime running lights.

With petal-shaped rims

Macaroon series roof color can choose black/white, and the option of solid color roof can be discounted in 800 yuan.

Hongguang Miniev's colorful/painted models in macaroon are available in lavender purple and lime yellow, with 12-inch petal-shaped rims, and the interior is in the same color and gray. The vehicle is also equipped with LED far and near lights, driver's/driver's visor cosmetic mirror, left and right tweeters, LED reading lights and other configurations.

The interior is decorated with decorative details of the same color.

Equipped with color driving computer display screen

A knob shift mechanism is adopted.

Hongguang Miniev's colorful and colorful cars in macaroon are equipped with integrated front leather seats, door handrails are covered with leather, and both front and rear seats are embroidered with macaroon. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with manual air conditioning, front electric windows, reversing images, driving mode switching, tire pressure alarm, and main driving airbag light configuration.

In terms of battery life, Hongguang Miniev's colorful models and colorful models in macaroon correspond to the pure electric cruising range of 120km and 170km of the National Economic Development Committee respectively. The maximum power of the motor is 20kW, the peak torque is 85nm, and the maximum speed can reach 100km/h..

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