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Lamborghini Xi 'an fkp 37 limited edition (Lamborghini Xi 'an fkp 37 Chinese name)

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A 1:8 scale model with so many parts that it even has a movable rear spoiler.

The world's most powerful Lamborghini was re-carved in the form of Lego bricks, just like a real car, and finally officially unveiled the first hybrid car in Bologna, Santagata. It was originally referred to as "Xi án" and later got the suffix of "FKP 37" to commemorate the late Ferdinand Piech (ferdinand piech), who was born in 1937. Lego has already introduced Porsche 911GT3 RS and Bugatti Khyron series.

However, the newly launched Lamborghini Xi 'an ·FKP 37 is indeed the most complicated one, with 3,696 pieces in the supporting box. It has the same lime-green paint as the models exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019, and beautiful gold wheels. As a 1:8 scale model, this model is 60 cm long, 25 cm wide and 13 cm high.

Impressively, this Lamborghini has achieved very powerful functions, from scissor doors to movable rear spoilers, not to mention wheels, front and rear suspensions, and very detailed interiors. Speaking of this, Lamborghini said that there is a "fully functional eight-speed sequential gearbox with a movable shifting structure." Open the front hood and you will find the world's smallest Lamborghini brand light travel bag. The hood at the back can also be opened to reveal the powerful V12 engine and movable piston.

The Lego technique Lamborghini Sean ·FKP 37 will be sold directly in Lego stores in the United States and Lego (LEGO.com/Technic-Lamborghini-Sian) from June 1st, and then in retailers around the world from August 1st, 2020.

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