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What does Volvo b5b6 mean (what does Volvo b5b6 mean)

It is said that XC60 has become Volvo's best-selling model. Like its big brother XC90, XC60 takes a more comfortable approach than its competitors, which means that its power is not as good as Jaguar F-Pace and BMW X3. However, its sense of science and technology is better than most competitors, and the interior space is also good.

In fact, XC60 is a car with full performance in daily life. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine series spans diesel and gasoline power, and the T6 and T8 dual-engine plug-in hybrid power provides excellent linear performance for business users.

Volvo is currently in the development stage, and the current XC60 shows the advantages of the company's latest series of cars. Volvo has always been well-known for its strong safety qualification. This time, the XC60 has demonstrated its smart design and a lot of scientific and technological designs, without sacrificing practicality. XC60 is a multi-functional five-seat advanced off-road vehicle that provides comfort and luxury with excellent packaging.

The second-generation XC60 was launched in 2017, replacing the former best-selling model Mk1 Coronation 100. Mk2 uses a scaled-down platform of XC90, so it has the same suspension and engine series as the seven-seat car. Therefore, XC60 has become an opponent of high-end compact sport utility vehicles such as Audi Q5, BMW X3, Jaguar F-Pace, Alfa Romeos Tervio and Land Rover Discovery Sport Edition.

Adhering to the XC90 platform means that there are a series of 2.0-liter engines to choose from, including B4 and B5 diesel engines and B5 and B6 gasoline engines. 145kW B4 oil burner and 184kW B5 gasoline engine can choose front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Volvo provides the XC60 with three core equipment levels to choose from, including entry-level power and r- design and inscription. You can upgrade the r- design and inscription models by choosing the favorable specifications.

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