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Red Flag h5 New Car Price (Red Flag h5 New Car Price)

[Pacific Auto Network New Car Channel] Recently, we learned from the official channel of Hongqi that the new generation of Hongqi H5 will be officially listed on July 26th. The new car has been officially opened for pre-sale before, and the pre-sale price starts at 170,000 yuan. The appearance and interior of the new car have been greatly adjusted, and three kinds of power are available for 1.5T, 2.0T and 1.5T hybrid cars.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the latest design language of Hongqi, and the large front grille is full of solemnity, which continues the classic elements of Hongqi brand. The vertical front is also unique in its class, which is in line with the big brother H9. The interior of the grille is decorated with straight waterfall chrome trim strips, and the large-scale corner cutting treatment on both sides creates a good three-dimensional effect. In addition, the two sides of the net are also equipped with light strips to outline the net, which has a strong sense of ceremony after lighting.

The headlight group has become more long and narrow, and the flag in the center of the front of the car has also been continued. Compared with the previous segmented design, it is more refined and the length has also been extended. Surrounded by a slightly shovel-shaped front lip, it brings a little sense of movement, not blindly pursuing luxury.

The design of the side of the car body is relatively simple. The waistline design running through the whole car body is adopted at the top, and the waistline treatment with a slight dive is used at the bottom to create a unique style. At the same time, it is decorated with vertical flags, which is a detail that the current models do not have.

The outline of the tail also returns to the design of the sedan, and with the unique bright-colored rims, it also conforms to its attribute of being biased towards administrative style. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4988/1875/1470mm and the wheelbase is 2920mm, which is slightly improved compared with the current model. In terms of body color matching, the new car offers five kinds of car paints to choose from, including Aurora Blue, Hongqi Red, Quantum Silver Grey, Alpine White and Charming Night Black, and the interior also has three kinds of color matching for users to choose from.

The shape of the rear of the car has also undergone tremendous changes. The popular through taillights are adopted, and the Y-shaped treatment is adopted on both sides, which is similar to the design of Pentium B70. There is also a double-outlet exhaust layout below, and at the same time, it incorporates a penetrating chrome-plated element, which has a good layering and makes the tail not too heavy.

In terms of interior, the new car uses a large-size LCD instrument to match the vertical central control panel, and retains the commonly used key functions. The shape of the air conditioning outlet is also flattened. The multi-function steering wheel abandoned the previous flat-bottomed design, and the buttons on both sides became more refined. In addition, the car is also equipped with a smaller electronic gear handle, and the cup holder design is kept aside, which is similar to the layout of H9.

The car is also covered with a large number of soft materials, and the area of the central armrest is further increased, and flags are added above it, which is full of ritual.

In terms of power, the new car will provide three power versions: 1.5T+7DCT, 2.0T+8AT and 1.5T HEV. The maximum engine power is 124kW, 165kW and 124kW respectively. The appearance and interior of the brand-new Hongqi H5 have been completely refreshed, further unifying the unique design elements of the brand, and it is even more unique in its class. At the same time, a brand-new hybrid system has been added in power, which caters to the development of the automobile industry and also meets the needs of different users. After we put aside the saying of design philosophy, the overall product strength of the new car has also been greatly upgraded, and its role in the Red Flag brand is also more important. What is the future performance of the new car? Let's wait and see.

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