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How much is the cheapest electric car with a battery life of 600 kilometers (the cheapest electric car with a battery life of 600 kilometers)

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The "battery life" of electric vehicles has always been a major pain point for users. Especially in winter, the battery life of electric vehicles has dropped dramatically. Electric cars that can run for 100 kilometers are basically discounted by about 30% in winter. This makes many office workers feel annoyed. However, many manufacturers have also developed electric vehicles that are suitable for winter travel. Today, I will share three models with you!

The first bell leopard has a maximum cruising range of 656.8 kilometers.

The long battery life of Tailing Electric Vehicle has been thoroughly studied, among which Tailing Leopard Super Edition has always maintained the battery life record of two-wheeled electric vehicles. The car adopts a self-developed appearance, a low wind resistance body design, and a carbon steel frame with 3 million vibration tests, which is solid and durable.

The whole vehicle is equipped with a 600W Tailing self-developed power-saving motor, which matches Tailing Cloud Power 4.0 system. It has ARS fully automatic driving fault repair system, AES fully automatic intelligent battery management system, ARL fully automatic intelligent hub brake anti-theft system, TES two-way intelligent labor-saving support and TSD intelligent driving technology. The vehicle is equipped with a group of large-capacity lithium batteries, which can achieve a 656.8-kilometer endurance challenge in a low temperature environment of 5℃ in Xi 'an. The production version of the vehicle,

The second Sundiro Zhenwu series V9 has a maximum cruising range of 520 miles.

Sundiro Zhenwu series V9 is a two-wheeled civilian coupe. The cruising range of the basic version, performance version and top version of the car is divided into three versions: 100 km, 200 km and 260 km. The appearance of the three models is basically the same, which is the original shape of Sundiro, the front face of the tiger roar and the V-shaped three-dimensional headlights, which look mighty and domineering.

The road sections tested by this car are not all smooth roads, but mainly mountainous areas. This car is equipped with a 500W energy-saving motor, a kinetic energy recovery controller and a built-in large-capacity graphene battery. In the low temperature environment of 0℃, it travels at an average speed of 30km/h, with a cruising range of up to 260 kilometers, which truly realizes one-time charging. The car has a cruising range of 500 miles, and the price is only 3,500 pieces.

The third Yadea Guanneng 3 generations, E9 battery life more than 200 kilometers.

Yadea Guanneng 3rd generation TTFAR3.0 series is a series of vehicles with a main class of more than 200 kilometers. Among them, the flagship model is Yadea E9, which adopts founder aesthetic design, front waterfall front face, embedded with Yadea's LOGO headlights, looks very calm and atmospheric, adopts lightweight body and low wind resistance, and can run further.

It is reported that Yadea E9 is equipped with TTFAR3.0 system, power recovery system and built-in third-generation anti-aging graphene battery. Even in the low temperature of 0℃, the cruising range can reach about 240 kilometers. However, its basic version, the battery life can be more than 120 kilometers, and the price starts at 4200.


These three models are truly powerful models, which have passed the rigorous test of mileage challenge and have also been witnessed by major media. This is enough to show that electric vehicle companies have already mastered the endurance of more than 200 kilometers, which can bring users farther electric vehicles. Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think of this? Welcome your message!

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