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The first song of the background music of Garnett the Wolf King fans dancing (the music of Garnett the Wolf King fans dancing)

In 2003, at the Timberwolves home target center, a Garnett fan with the word "kg" tattooed on his body took off his clothes and danced. He wanted to show his enthusiasm in front of his idol, but he was persuaded to leave by the security guards. At that time, he knew how much he loved Garnett by looking lonely.

I never thought that the familiar scene would reappear 12 years later. Garnett, who had left the Timberwolves for eight years, came back to the place where his dream began at the end of his career. The young man who undressed and danced in those years was a father, but his love for Garnett never fell. Garnett was seated in the first game of returning to the Timberwolves, and the loyal Garnett fan was still found by the live broadcast. When the camera was given to this fan, the audience was boiling, giving him the same as Garnett.

Under the enthusiastic cheers of the audience, he once again raised his courage, stood up and danced with his two children for Garnett, the player he loved all his life. When he jumped to the top, he took off his coat and showed a big word "kg" and the words "welcome home" on his chest. The fans at the scene once again burst into tsunami-like cheers.

Garnett also saw the loyal fan raise his hand to salute him and clap his chest. He also loves everyone who likes him. Garnett is lucky to have such a loyal fan. "If you are here, I like you. If you leave, I will wait for you to come back."

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