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What is the Chinese name of Lamborghini Xi 'an (Lamborghini Xi 'an Chinese name)

At this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, Lamborghini's brand-new limited-edition hybrid supercar Sean has attracted much attention since its debut. Some media also said in related reports that this model will predict the design direction of Lamborghini's new generation flagship model, Aventador's successor in the future. However, just recently, Mijia Bolkert, design director of Lamborghini, denied this news when interviewed by foreign media.

"Lamborghini design director Mija Bolkert

"If you ask whether the design language appearing on Sean will represent the design direction of Lamborghini models in the next decade, my answer is' No'. Mijia Bocquet gave a clear answer to this question: this hybrid supercar design with a limited edition of 63 sets and a price of up to 3.6 million US dollars only represents itself.

"Lamborghini Xiá n

However, this does not mean that there is no reference value for Sean. Federico Foschini, chief commercial officer of Lamborghini, also made it clear in an interview with the media that the hybrid system carried by Zion is the most reasonable solution for supercars at present. On the one hand, it ensures the performance of super sports cars, and further increases the output power and improves vehicle performance on the basis of lightweight upgrading; On the other hand, electrification is the future development trend. In the future development of Lamborghini, hybrid solutions will be further combined to achieve the purpose of energy saving, emission reduction and compliance with environmental regulations.

"Lamborghini Xiá n

Sean is Lamborghini's first hybrid supercar. It is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 6.5-liter V12 naturally aspirated engine and a +48V motor. The motor is powered by a super capacitor developed by Lamborghini, which has the characteristics of lighter weight and stronger energy storage. Matching with the powertrain, Sean's official acceleration of 0-100 km/h is only 2.8s, and the top speed can reach 3550.

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