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Old driver's bumper car (old driver's bumper car grapefruit)

Recently, an old man in Harbin, Heilongjiang became popular on the Internet! Why? It turns out that the old man often plays bumper cars excitedly in the children's park, only to see him galloping in the field, showing off his driving skills, sometimes swinging his tail sideways, and sometimes speeding up overtaking, and also showing off his "drifting driving skills" and turning the audience over.

Soon, someone posted the video online, which attracted many media forwards and netizens' praise!

The old man named Zhang Zhong is 74 years old this year. Despite his age, his driving skills are like hanging up. The range is particularly large, and the movements are particularly exaggerated. All the tourists around said that this uncle had a good time.

According to the staff of the playground, the elderly often bring their granddaughters to play bumper cars for seven or eight years.

Zhang Zhong said that he can't drive in real life, and he started playing bumper cars to accompany his granddaughter. Before that, his grandparents and grandchildren would come to play several times a week, and it would be enjoyable to play at least seven or eight times each time.

Now that my granddaughter has grown up, the "kid" who lives in Zhang Zhong's heart has not grown old. He will come to Xiu Xiu to drive when he is free.

The staff of the playground said that when the old man came to play, he paid great attention to safety, and he would try to hide when he met those unfamiliar or children.


At the end of the season: old urchin!

Xiao Jin's Dalai clique: I have a racing dreams in my heart!

My heart is flying: I want to play a few games, haha.

A thief's easy ham: this is the real old driver.

Sources: Heilongjiang TV, Global Times, People's Daily Online.

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