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How much is a used Paramera car (how much is a used Paramera car)

Ten years ago, the high price of Porsche Panamera stopped a group of users' desire to buy.

Now, we can consider the second-hand Porsche Panamera. We can get a second-hand Porsche Panamera with a budget of about 300,000-700,000, which we didn't have the luxury and performance experience of German in those years. Indeed, compared with the price of new cars, the price of used cars is more suitable and attractive, and it has better cost performance.

How do we choose a suitable Porsche Panamera?

With a budget of 350,000, can you win the Porsche Panamera?

The first model of Porsche Panamera was officially launched in China in 2010, and it has been 12 years now, which means that the oldest model in the used car market is 11-12 years old. Porsche Panamera was replaced in 2017, so the price of second-hand models has formed an obvious watershed since 2017, and the newer the age, the more expensive it is.

What kind of Porsche Panamera can we buy at the lowest budget?

At present, the lowest-priced model of second-hand Porsche Panamera is 2010, which is divided into five models, including: Panamera 3.6L, Panamera 4 3.6L, Panamera S 4.8L, Panamera 4S 4.8 and Panamera Turbo 4.8T The used car market has the most information on vehicle sources. The price of used cars of Panamera 3.6L and Panamera 4 3.6L is about 300,000-390,000, which has a very good rate of preservation.

Take the 2010 Panamera 3.6L-liter model as an example. The landing price of a new car is about 1.25 million. After 11 years of use, it has traveled nearly 200,000 kilometers. The price of a used car can still be maintained at about 300,000, and the collection price is about 280,000-290,000. These are the vehicles with high mileage, averaging 20,000 kilometers a year, and the second-hand Panamera is rare in the low price range of around 300,000.

The second-hand salvage value of the 2010 Panamera 3.6L-liter model under normal use is generally around 350,000. After 11 years of use, it has traveled 100,000 kilometers, and the price of used cars is around 350,000-360,000.

If you want to buy a used car with a 4.8-ton V8 engine in 2010, how much will it cost?

First of all, there are fewer sources of used cars for this top model, and secondly, the price is not cheap, which is close to 700,000 yuan. The advantage is that the mileage of this model is generally not high. Take the 2010 Panamera Turbo 4.8T as an example. It has traveled 43,000 kilometers in 11 years, and the price of used cars is around 680,000.

The price of around 700,000 yuan is awkward. There are many options for this price in the second-hand Porsche Panamera, including the 2014 Panamera 4, 4S and the 2016 Panamera Edition. 4. These models are products that can be selected between 550,000 and 750,000 yuan.

The budget is enough, it is best to buy the 2016 model?

The most cost-effective Porsche Panamera that can be bought in the used car market is the 2014 and 2016 models, which are new, the mileage is not too long and the price is cheap. After all, the price of the used car in 2017 is more than one million yuan due to the replacement of models, and it is unlikely to be missed.

It should be noted that there are fewer sources of used cars in the second-hand car market in 2016. Because only four products were launched at the end of this year, fewer people bought new cars, so there were fewer sources of used cars. The relatively more sources of used cars in the two years were in 2014.

Don't buy the 2010 model or the 2014-2016 model because the budget is too entangled; The price of the 2010 model is really low, and it has a high cost performance. You can take away a second-hand Porsche Panamera after 350,000 yuan. However, it should be noted that the emission standard of this model is National IV, and this emission standard is not subject to any restrictions at present. However, compared with National V and National VI, some cities may limit the emission standard of National IV in a few years.

Therefore, from the perspective of emission standards, the vehicles that meet the national emission standards in 2014 and 2016 can continue to be used for a relatively long period of time; Moreover, the 2010 model has been used for 11-12 years, and it will be inspected twice a year if it continues to be used for 3-4 years.

So, how much budget does it take to buy a second-hand Porsche Panamera in 2014?

Take the 2014 Porsche Panamera 4 3.0T as an example. After eight years' use, the mileage is 80,000 kilometers, with an average of 10,000 kilometers a year. The price of used cars is about 550,000-560,000. With the same period of time, the mileage is about 60 thousand kilometers, and the price of used cars will be about 20 thousand yuan higher; With the same period of time, the mileage is 130,000 kilometers, and the price of used cars falls below 500,000 yuan. By the way, this car is the one with the most sources among the 2014 Porsche Panamera used cars.

The 2014 Porsche Panamera S with better power performance has traveled 70,000 kilometers in 8 years, and the price of used cars is about 670,000-680,000 yuan, but there are few sources. I want to buy a replacement Porsche Panamera. I choose a car in the early stage of replacement in 2017, about 1 million. Although the engine is available in 2.9T and 4.0T versions, the data is slightly different.

What are the precautions when buying a Porsche Panamera?

If there are potential users who plan to buy a second-hand Porsche Panamera, they need to consider several issues before buying it. First, they are friends who have bought a Porsche Panamera around them. His feedback to me is that if you want to buy this car for home use, it is recommended not to consider it. Sitting in the back row with three passengers will really make the back row crowded, and it will not be very comfortable for long-distance driving. Therefore, it is recommended to use a business, administrative car or buy it for fun, especially if you travel for 1-2 people every day.

In addition, Porsche's powershift has an obvious sense of frustration at low speed, and this feeling only faintly appears after driving more than 10,000 kilometers; There are also 360 panoramic images with serious deformation, and the information displayed when reversing is not very accurate; One-button parking function is not easy to use, you need to step on it with your big foot to activate it.

The steering wheel of Porsche Panamera is heavily adjusted, so it is difficult for female users to grasp the direction when driving, especially when driving at low speed and in situ, which may be a little difficult, but they can basically get used to it after using it for a period of time.

There is also a recall of Porsche Panamera. In 2019, there was a recall of 42,000 Porsche Panamera, which involved some imported 2011-2016 Panamera produced between November 1, 2010 and September 13, 2016. Due to the lack of tightness of the control unit of the air conditioner blower regulator, moisture in the air may penetrate into the control unit. When the amount of moisture condensed into water drops reaches a certain level, it may lead to a fault and a short circuit inside the control unit. In extreme cases, the risk of fire cannot be ruled out, and there are potential safety hazards.

The above is only part of the experience and recall information about the Porsche Panamera model. More recall information is still inquired according to the model year of the model to be selected, and it is verified whether the original owner has recalled it.

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