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How much is a BMW x3 Forum laser headlight (BMW x3 changes laser headlights)?

The original car of 21 BMW X3 is LED lens, and the headlights with four dipped beams and four high beams are beautiful in appearance. There are many long-distance cars for riders, and the requirements for the brightness of the lights are higher.

Before the upgrade, the high beam brightness was 2400 lumens, and the light intensity was average.

The low beam has the function of following headlights and adaptive headlights, so we choose to install a set of direct double laser lenses in the high beam position.

Dismantled headlights

On the left is the lamp bead of the disassembled original car lens, and on the right is the direct double laser lens.

Upgraded high beam

Upgraded low beam

There is no change in appearance after upgrading.

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