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How much is the BMW mini-car now landing (BMW mini-car landing price)

At the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year, the booth of BMW mini-cars was the hottest. Because of the ice cream incident, everyone went to "punch in". At that time, I also wanted to see the excitement and take a picture of the pure electric car, but this car has not been mass-produced yet, so I have to wait. Not long ago, however, the real car map of a new generation of pure electric mini-cars has been exposed on the Internet, which means that it is getting closer and closer to domestic production.

Seeing that the ice cream storm has passed, Mini recently released the power information of its new car, with a maximum cruising range of 300-400 kilometers, which is expected to be put into production in China in November this year.

Let's first talk about a problem that everyone is concerned about, the pricing of a new generation of pure electric mini-cars. As we all know, the price of the fuel version of the mini-car is 19.98-32.06 million, and generally speaking, the pure electric version will be tens of thousands more expensive than the fuel version, so we conservatively estimate that the starting price of the new generation of pure electric mini-cars will be set at the early 220 thousand. However, BMW's imported models will generally reduce their prices after being made in China, so this car should still be around 200,000 yuan after being made in China.

If the price of a new generation of pure electric MINI is in the early 200 thousand, is it really worth starting with? First of all, some known information of this car is to locate a small car with a battery life of 300-400 kilometers. The new car will provide two models. The entry-level version of MINI Cooper E is equipped with a 135kW motor, which is matched with a 40.7kWh battery pack. The high-end version of MINI Cooper SE is equipped with a 160kW motor and uses a 54.2kWh battery pack.

Looking at the domestic new energy vehicle market, pure electric small car products at this price are scarce, and MINI has cut into a blank market segment, but no matter from the aspects of battery life, positioning or price, the author thinks that the new generation of pure electric MINI has no attraction at all.

Holding 0.2 million/200 thousand, to start a new energy product with higher battery life and more space, isn't it fragrant? At this price, we can buy an Changan Deep Blue SL03 with a pure electric battery life of 705km, BYD Han with 500km, 600km and 715km positioning medium and large cars, and Nezha S and Tucki P7, all of which are in their early 200,000 s. Which one is not a new generation of pure electric MINI? Therefore, consumers who will eventually choose a new generation of pure electric MINI may mostly go for the brand itself. In addition, the author really can't think of more reasons.

By the way, if you really need to find a reason to buy it, Yan value is convincing. Judging from the real car map exposed by a new generation of pure electric MINI, it is really eye-catching. The appearance retains the family-like characteristics of MINI. The compact body, round headlights and two-color painting have high recognition and attract young ladies. It is completely no problem. But the author still thinks that spending more than 200 thousand to start such a car is a pure big complaint.

In fact, as early as 2018, it was reported on the Internet that pure electric MINI would enter the market. In that year, Great Wall Motor officially signed a joint venture contract with the international luxury car giant BMW of Germany, and then set up Beam Automobile. The main cooperation direction between the two parties is to be an electrified MINI brand.

It's almost five years now, and the time for domestic pure electric MINI to launch on the market is finalized. At this time, it is not the best time for pure electric MINI to enter the market. After all, the domestic new energy vehicle market has been in its heyday, and traditional independent brands and new forces to build cars have occupied the new energy vehicle market. It is not easy for pure electric MINI to get a share, not to mention a small car with poor battery life and a price of up to 200,000. Anyway, we'll see.

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