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Car booking process (how to book a car)

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What should I do if the blue car is listed on the new car?

The owner's identity certificate, car purchase invoice, certificate of conformity and purchase tax certificate of compulsory insurance shall be reserved in advance through Jinan Vehicle Management WeChat and driven to the vehicle management office. Since May 1, 2022, if a small or micro non-operating passenger car is registered outside the household registration, the owner of the motor vehicle is exempted from submitting the residence permit.

How to make an appointment for on-site vehicle management business?

1. Pay attention to the application of "Jinan Vehicle Management" WeChat, and make an appointment in the business guide-business reservation module;

2. Download the application "Quanchenghang +"APP and make an appointment in the vehicle management reservation module;

3, motor vehicle inspection appointment, through the Internet integrated service platform, traffic control 12123APP motor vehicle inspection appointment.

How to check the driving test results?

Please use the computer to log in to sd.122.gov.cn for personal examination results inquiry. The mobile version or the traffic control 12123APP cannot be queried.

Specific process:

1, open the sd.122.gov.cn website, click on the "personal login" in the upper right corner of the page.

2, enter the user name, password, verification code and then click "login".

3. Read the user's notice carefully and then click "I know".

4. In the column of "Student Information" at the bottom of my home page, you can query the latest test scores of students in various subjects.

How many years after the implementation of the new policy of annual vehicle inspection?

Non-operating passenger cars and motorcycles only need to go to the inspection agency for on-line inspection in the sixth and tenth years within 10 years, and apply for inspection marks every two years during the period; More than 10 years, online inspection once a year.

You can download the "Traffic Management 12123”APP, and pay attention to the changes of the inspection validity period at any time, subject to the inspection validity period in the system.

Note: If a vehicle is punished according to law for traffic accidents or illegal modification, it will still be inspected according to the original prescribed cycle.

What procedures do I need to carry to cancel the mortgage?

In accordance with Article 34 of Decree No.164 of the Ministry of Public Security "Regulations on Motor Vehicle Registration", if an application is made for filing the motor vehicle pledge or canceling the pledge, the owner of the motor vehicle and the pledgee shall jointly apply to confirm the application information and submit the following certificates and vouchers:

Identification certificates of the owner and pledgee of the motor vehicle;

Motor vehicle registration certificate.

For the Ministry of Public Security, commercial banks, auto financing companies, finance companies and other financial institutions with unified information filing in China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, online verification of business licenses and photocopies of official seals is not required when handling motor vehicle mortgage registration. Therefore, if the mortgagee company has been registered by the Ministry of Public Security and China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the original business license may not be provided.

How to handle the vehicle transfer?

Handle vehicle transfer within the administrative area:

1. Automobile: you can carry the vehicle formalities, the buyer's identity certificate, drive directly to the motor vehicle service station and issue the invoice for the second-hand car transaction, and then handle the transfer;

2. Motorcycle: You can ride to the vehicle management branch of the jurisdiction to handle the transfer with the second-hand car transaction invoice, vehicle formalities and the buyer's identity certificate.

How to handle the transfer of vehicles?

1. Individual car owners who apply for transfer of small and micro non-operating passenger cars and motorcycles can apply through the "Traffic Management 12123”APP. After the transfer-in vehicle management office pre-accepts, the transfer-out vehicle management office will generate, produce and transmit electronic imaging files. Due to the data interaction between the Internet and the intranet, the time is not fixed. It is suggested that car owners can contact the transfer-in or transfer-out vehicle management office for vehicle business in 2-3 working days. Our Jinan Vehicle Management Office, as a transfer-in place or a transfer-out place, will accept it in time.

2. If you quit halfway, you can contact the vehicle management office of the transfer place to apply for electronic transfer.

How to replace the license plate and inspection mark?

The owner is an individual, and can directly apply for replacement online through the traffic control 12123APP; If the owner is the unit, you can make an appointment through Quanchengxing +APP and go to the window at the appointment time.

How to apply for an electronic driver's license?

The electronic driver's license will be issued through the national unified "Traffic Management 12123" APP. Log in to my "Traffic Management 12123" APP account, select and submit the "Electronic Driver's License" business in the driver's license business, or click "Electronic Driver's License" in the driver's license information column on the home page. After approval, an electronic driver's license can be generated. Those that fail the audit shall be resubmitted as required.

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