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BMW test drive (BMW test drive)

As I said before when I was statically experiencing the new Seven Series, this generation of Seven Series is the beginning of a new journey for BMW Seven Series. Today, the i7 we are going to experience will better illustrate this point.

In fact, there is no need to do too much interpretation about the appearance of the vehicle. The design is indeed more drastic than before. The front face can be said that except for the kidney grille, you can't find the shadow of the past 7 series, and this subversive change cooperates with the captain whose i7 is close to 5.4 meters, and the vehicle also has an aura, and it should even be said that it is "oppressive".

You may not know that the reason why this generation of 7 Series design is so young and radical is to please China consumers to a great extent. Previously, BMW made a statistic that nearly half of the sales of the previous generation of 7 Series were produced in China, and the average age of these owners was only 38 years old. Therefore, based on this background, BMW's seventh generation of 7 Series will have such a great innovation.

Of course, we know that this generation of 7 Series is a platform for oil and electricity symbiosis, and it may also be because of the need to "take care of both". In fact, the i7 has no front compartment. Fortunately, in terms of space, the i7 is not affected too much by the battery. The battery height of the vehicle is only 11cm, which hardly affects the space in the car. It is not easy to do this because it is a huge battery pack with a capacity of 101.7kWh.

We are not surprised by the adoption of the big screen when we come to the i7 car, but in the current era of large screen flooding, how should we reflect the texture? First, the vehicle is decorated with all kinds of crystals. Secondly, the i7 uses a diamond-cut light strip with a high sense of science and technology. This light strip is of course more than an atmosphere light, and it incorporates many function buttons. Secondly, when you switch driving modes, the light of the light strip will be adjusted accordingly, giving you a stronger atmosphere.

For executive models, the most important interior is of course the rear row. The rear row of the i7 is equipped with a 31-inch 8K display screen, which supports the interactive system between iQiyi and Huawei, and the definition is very high, especially with the sound of the vehicle. The audio-visual experience in the rear row is top-notch.

In the power part, the i7 is equipped with the fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive system, and the front and rear are self-excited synchronous motors without rare earth. The comprehensive maximum output power is 400 kW, the peak torque is as high as 745 Nm, and the 0-100km/h acceleration time is 4.7 seconds. Unlike the rapid power output of many trams, the i7 gives you the feeling of acceleration as if it is separated by an air cushion. It is fast, but it won't make you feel abrupt at all.

As for the chassis texture, because it is equipped with magic carpet suspension and active comfort and anti-tilting function, the ride feeling of the vehicle can be described as flat, or even exaggerated, its chassis texture can be comparable to that of Chaohao brand Rolls-Royce.

Edit summary

For this 7-Series, I personally think it is completely subversive. In appearance, it is more and more administrative, and the gas field is completely S-class. In power, the vehicle fully embraces electrification, giving the vehicle a fast and stable driving experience. Finally, it is intelligent. Whether it is cockpit or assisted driving, the vehicle has also made great improvements. In the future, we also expect vehicles to set a new driving benchmark in the new energy market.

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