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Volkswagen LaVida 2023 pictures and quotation automatic transmission 280 (Volkswagen LaVida 2023 pictures and quotation automatic transmission 280 twin towers)

The biggest beneficiary of the trend of larger body size is undoubtedly the models that need space, especially the compact models that used to be short of space. And it will bring visual effects that it is impossible to tell whether this is a compact model, just like the new LaVida. Let's see how the newly redesigned LaVida will perform.

The model photographed this time is the 2023 280TSI DSG Forever Edition of LaVida. LaVida provides two appearances: classic front face and starry front face. The "C"-shaped chrome decoration on both sides of the fog lamp is connected with the bottom, which outlines the contours on both sides and makes the visual effect of LaVida's lower plate more solid.

Lavida's front face is decorated with a lot of chrome, and the effect presented is somewhat similar to that of the second generation Volkswagen Phaeton released some time ago. The effect presented in the front will even make this compact car have the breath of some administrative models.

The lines on the side of the car body are "tough and elegant". The 17-inch wheel hub is unique to the top model, and the upper window frame is also blackened. However, the orientation of the home model will not reduce the suspension in exchange for a certain visual effect, which has the advantage that the passability will be greatly improved.

The side view of the tail is one of my favorite parts. The thinness of a class car has disappeared, and the size is enough to make the tail show very stretched. With the taillights with the right height and length, the administrative model can't be hidden.

The overall effect of the tail is very smart, which comes from the combination of slender lamp group, chrome-plated decoration running through the bottom, duck-tail shaped tail box and the sense of movement created.

The front tyre size size of the equipped 17-inch wheel hub is 225/45 R17. This tire data is also the standard configuration of a B-class car or even a C-class car, and it is confident to withstand the maximum torque of 250 Nm.

In terms of power, LaVida provides three schemes, equipped with 1.5L engine, 1.2T engine and 1.4T engine.

This shooting model is equipped with the most powerful version of the 1.4T engine, with the maximum power of 150 HP and the maximum torque of 250N·m, matching the 7-speed dry powershift, and the maximum torque and speed range is between 1750 and 3000 rpm. For a 1345kg model, this power level will not easily feel weak.

The style and design of the whole interior closely follow the footsteps of Volkswagen Group, with black and foggy gray double-color interior matching, and the carving of the top model in details can even make this A-class car exceed the average level.

The equipped 12-inch central control screen feels excellent, and it is linked with an 8-inch full LCD instrument.

Control buttons for functions such as air conditioning are placed in independent areas, which improves the success rate of blind operation, and at the same time, there is no need to worry about not being able to turn on or adjust the air conditioner after the central control crashes.

The shift lever of DSG is not unfamiliar, and the "rain or shine" and "one step at a time" from P to D will minimize the time to operate the shift lever.

There are three combinations of instruments, and the navigation mode in the "full screen" state is the most visually impactful. The A-class car equipped with an 8-inch full LCD instrument is also a great surprise, and it is also helpful for improving competitiveness.

Perhaps I was too extravagant. The favorite and practical 360-degree panoramic image did not appear in the top model, and the configuration of the 360-degree radar did not appear. The reversing trajectory was only displayed in the radar map (yellow area in the lower left corner), and the green trajectory in the image did not move with the rotation of the steering wheel.

Perhaps it is the first few configurations that constantly refresh expectations, and the auxiliary image has returned to the normal level, which has brought a little disappointment.

The 12-inch LCD screen feels good, but it feels a little far from the sitting position.

Equipped with full-speed adaptive cruise and L2-level assisted driving, the competitiveness is greatly improved.

The seat adopts three-way color matching, white is only used for ornament, and it is well integrated with foggy gray. At the same time, it is equipped with a rhombic lattice style. The main driver's seat is electrically adjusted and the auxiliary driver's seat is manually adjusted.

Height of tester: 1.63m

The lateral support of the front row for the waist and legs is in place, and the sponge of the seat belongs to a moderate and tough category, and the support is very good.

In the case of female driving, the space in the back row is more than enough, but although the appearance has an administrative atmosphere, due to the size barrier, the visual experience in the back row still can't reach the leapfrog interior atmosphere.

The care for the back row is still comprehensive, with air conditioning outlets and two kinds of sockets for mobile phone charger power supply.

The middle platform in the second row has a certain height.


Perhaps the most mentioned thing about this LaVida is that "the compact level is even equipped". Yes, it has many unexpected configurations, and it can be said that most of the configurations are unexpected. In the price range of 100,000, LaVida will face a self-owned brand that is overwhelming, not only relying on the increase in configuration and size, but also hoping that the phenomenon of "involution" will have a positive impact on the current automobile market.

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