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Mercedes-Benz c260l offers 2022 new cars (Mercedes-Benz c260l offers 2022 new cars at reduced prices)

Today, I will tell you about the latest landing price reference and car cost survey of mercedes benz c class.

Fan Advisory Configuration 2022 Mercedes-Benz C260L Sports Edition: Price first, then configuration.

The official guide price is 351,200 yuan. At present, the discount is 52,000 yuan, and the bare car price is 299,200 yuan.

It is required to pay purchase tax of 13,164 yuan, compulsory insurance for 950 yuan, travel tax for 360 yuan, licensing fee for 500 yuan and commercial insurance of 6,150 yuan. The landing price does not exceed 320,400 yuan, and the current market is moderate, which can be considered.

The car's three-year maintenance rate is 700 kilometers, and the actual fuel consumption is about 6.5 liters. It needs to add No.95 gasoline. According to the calculation of driving 15,000 kilometers a year, the postage required is 9,780 yuan, and the average monthly cost is about 815 yuan.

The warranty period of the car is three years or 100,000 kilometers, with a small maintenance cycle of 10,000 kilometers, and each time it is about 680 yuan, the annual maintenance cost is about 1,020 yuan, and the insurance is about 6,230 yuan per year.

Put it together. The total annual car cost is about 17,030 yuan, and the monthly car cost is about 1,420 yuan.

The car is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine and 48V light hybrid power, and the transmission is matched with a nine-speed automatic manual transmission. The maximum output power is 204 horsepower, the peak torque is 300 Nm, the body length is 4882mm, and the wheelbase is 2954mm.

It is equipped with 14-way electric adjustable seats in the front row, full LCD instrument for locking and folding the exterior rearview mirror, and 11.9-inch central control large screen.

Built-in driving recorder, steering wheel shift paddle, electronic pocket, mobile phone wireless charging, one-button start, mobile phone remote control, voice recognition control system, automatic parking, segmented panoramic sunroof, Mercedes-Benz audio system, and 64 times interior atmosphere lights. It is equipped with seven airbags, body stability system, reversing image, passive pedestrian protection, front collision warning, active braking system and driving mode switching.

What other models do you want to see? If you have any questions about the cost of car use or have any other questions, you can leave a message in the comments area. Thank you for watching.

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